Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Globe's Endorsement of Galvin

It was pretty weak; here's my letter to the editor:

In endorsing Secretary of State Bill Galvin for another term, the Boston Globe suggested, "there is no evident reason for voters to replace the incumbent." How about this: Bill Galvin has utterly refused to defend his positions in a debate with John Bonifaz. Not only has he refused, but he actually skipped the one debate he submitted to - according to the Medford Democratic Party.

Contrast Galvin to Bonifaz, who reaches out to voters and will be accountable to them, and I think the choice is easy: John Bonifaz for Secretary of State. However, if that isn't good enough, remember Bill Galvin has had years to enact the Help America Vote Act and citizens of Springfield and Boston needed the Bush Justice Department to protect them. Bill Galvin is not doing his job.

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