Friday, September 15, 2006

A Hero in Our Midst

After years of sheepish "leaders," it's amazing to see so many bright stars shine under the political sky once more. Is this what it's like to be inspired?

We have John F. Kennedy Deval Patrick running for Governor, compelling tens of thousands of Massachusetts citizens to "check back in" to the Commonwealth. There's Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, sparking people internationally, even while bringing a smile to their faces. However, while I love Stewart, Colbert and especially Deval Patrick, there's one person who is revolutionizing the most essential industry in America by looking to its past and he must be recognized: Keith Olbermann. Olbermann channels Edward Murrow on an almost-daily basis. Finally, there's a member of the media who fact checks and doesn't let punditry bullshit get by. While he's good every night, occasionally there are moments of brilliance that stand out even for him. On September the 11th, Keith Olbermann had just such a moment.

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