Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm Interviewing Bonifaz TOMMOROW!

If any of you have urgent questions for Secretary of State candidate John Bonifaz, now's the time to write them in a comment. I already have four or five questions planned, so I'll probably have time for one or two more. I guess we can consider this a contest?

If any of you still have reservations in voting for Bonifaz or just aren't sure, here's your opportunity to either get the facts or try to have him answer whatever burning question you have.

I apologize in advance for not getting this out sooner, my interview is at 3pm tommorow and I probably won't be able to check my blog after 7 or 8am, but I may just get a chance right before the interview. If not I can probably email in an additional question or two if there's anything I find that's important but missed.

I should have the blog posted for Monday or Tuesday, so check back!


Anonymous said...

Ask him why he has nothing better to do than have an interview with a blogger...

Tony said...

Say hello to John for me and Jim from
Saint Kermit ( Ask John, should he lose the Dem primary, which is likely, will he throw his support and organization to Jill Stein the Green-Rainbow candidate? Jill's platform and agenda is virtually identital to his and will survive to the general election. OR Will he suppor the Democratic winner, who he himself criticizes as a roadblock to democratic voting reform and corporate control of our society?
Tony Lorenzen
Saint Kermit Podcast

Ryan Adams said...

That's an interesting question, Tony. I think I will add something around that to my list, though I don't think I'll phrase it the same way because - especially after today's globe article - I really think Bonifaz has a shot.

Ryan Adams said...

oh - and Anon - he's interviewing a voter who can potentially get dozens (if not even more) people to vote for him. That's what grassroots is all about.

If Ned Lamont ignored the Connecticut bloggers, he'd have lost.

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