Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kerry Healey is COOKED!

Live from Deval's Speech:

Deval just ripped her one - and did it politely. 'Let's talk about the big dig - and how it took a personal tragedy to focus the administration's focus on what we've seen everyday... I choose change, I choose hope... and I invite everyone in this state to join on this journey.'

To Kerry Healey, "We have had enough of that." "If you want to engage on issues, on real solutions, then we will give the people a contest they deserve and they will have a real choice to make." Why do I doubt she'll take the offer?


Likes Bikes 2 said...

Did you notice the towns in West. MA that DP won? Small towns, out in the hinterlands. Big margins. Somebody was organizing the crap out of those towns to get that turnout and that support.

So, is race a factor for those who live in towns where there are very few Black people? Perhaps, but those are big numbers. How many of those folks are going to turn away from having voted for a winner?

People have connected with DP, and I think he has Kerry Healey trying to figure a way out of the corner she is in. Clearly the buzz is all about him.

Even the pundits for the republicans are saying she has to bring something other than the chicken little tax raising act.


Ryan Adams said...

In one town, Tom Reilly only got ONE vote. It was amazing. Granted, it was teeny, tiny... but amazing.

G'night likes bikes 2.

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