Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Memo to Howie Carr: In-State Tuition Isn't Free

Maybe having $20,000+ in loans doesn't seem like much to Howie Carr, but it's sure a lot to me. Not only do I get in-state tuition, but I've essentially been given grants (which really are free) that covered half my costs. UMASS Dartmouth would have cost a lot more, otherwise. Perhaps right out of my price range.
Deval doesn't just want to give them in-state (i.e., free) tuition
Don't you love how he lies? He's worse than Kerri Healey! Deval likes to appeal to informed voters who want hope, Joe Lieberman (proudly) appealed to low-information voters - Howie Carr and Kerry Healey Muffy? Apparently they want to get out the xenophobic vote - oh, and the homophobic vote too! Can't forget that one:
The fact that Ward 19, Jamaica Plain, home of many people who are, shall we say, deeply interested in the gay marriage issue, had a higher turnout percentage-wise than Wards 6 and 7 in South Boston tells you all you need to know about who was excited, and who wasn't.
However, it all makes me smile. It's all they've got - they've got nothing. They can't even attack Deval Patrick on his real positions, they need to distort them. Their attacks are tired, old reruns of the past - against a new, energized candidate for the future. To sum it up, they just brought a knife to a gun fight. 16 years of fog Republican "leadership" is about to replaced by a progressive chief who really cares about the people of this state - and there's nothing Howie Carr (or poor 'ol Ginny) can do about it.


Mass Marrier said...

This campaign should provide some rich hyperbole. We should nail up the worst predictions of doom by these clowns and make them re-read them daily after the new administration does good.

StunnedVoter said...

I can't believe they're still trying this! The election proved that we're not stupid and we can be proud of ourselves. Just like we didn't fall for anti-gay marriage hysteria, we also didn't fall for Gabrieli's sleazy anti-immigrant fear mongering, nor did we allow Goldberg to buy her way into the Lt. Gov post based on commercials. Hello? Our state clearly has a lot of informed, engaged voters who can make judgments about the value of arguments.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are studying your history lessons. Deval Patrick will raise your taxes and use them for what HE believes and will use flowery campaign slogans and the promise of sunny days to entice people, like yourself, who believe ideology is somewhere in the realm of reality. Grow up, get a job, mainly just get a clue, or your tax dollars will go to illegal immigrants, and your children will be in danger of sex offenders.

Ryan Adams said...

Stunned voter,

Ya... apparently, the 420,000+ people who voted for Deval Patrick all rode their mountain bikes to the polls, then celebrated with a mocha cappacino at Start Bucks for doing our good civic deeds. Howie Carr is the worst kind of sleazy, but quite frankly isn't taken seriously - for good reasons.


I happen to know quite a bit about history. For example, Deval Patrick has never raised taxes.

Furthermore, I'm in college precisely to get the training I ned for a job (and a clue) and I sense that I have more of a clue than you do: an anonymous poster who slings attacks and hysteria without a single shred of evidence.

My children will be safe and sound and if some of my tax dollars go to the youth, even if they happen to be undocumented, then so be it. The amount will be small and, quite frankly, it will make the country better. Unlike people who buy into hysteria, I believe in this wonderful concept called pragmatism. You should try it out sometime.

Anonymous said...

One thing Deval is for, the wind farm, right ? Look back in 4 years and it won't be there. The Democrat insiders will put in in committee, never to see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

"Get a job"? Honey, we live in a blue state, that's where we have good jobs so we can pay federal taxes to support Republicans in red states. If you're a Mass resident, good news for you, there are plenty of hellholes in the US you can infest while enjoying our money, so why don't you go to one of them where you'll be happy.

Meanwhile, I am profoundly upset that the little bit of my tax money that's left over from subsidising the red states will go to provide education for the children of people who live and work and pay taxes in the state. That just about kills me. It's so unfair! Why should kids who live here and their parents who pay taxes here get to benefit from instate tuition? Hmmm, the child of an immigrant or someone from Mississippi, Texas or New Hampshire who spends half his time whining abot the government, bashing the scary brown skinned hoardes and basically being an ass, and the other half cashing in on all the government subsidies to red state Republicans. Toughie.

"or your tax dollars will go to illegal immigrants, and your children will be in danger of sex offenders."

Are you not getting the talking points? That's just lame. We can do better. How about "Those dark skinned [fill in racial slur] devil subhumans, if you don't catch 'em young, are gonna take that book learnin' and use it to find sneakier ways to kill you and rape your women!" You know we hate flowery campaign slogans and the promise of sunny days, so anything that doesn't flat out say that imminent death and destruction will result is a wasted effort.

Anonymous said...

I love liberals. I am talking about one thing and they take it out of context and play the race card. There was no racial slur, no hysteria implied. I was just saying that you will most certainly be taxed under Duval Patrick and that he will not be hard on illegal immigrants or sex offenders. I commend you though, you are a liberal's wet dream, in college with no practical training other than filibustering your way through grad school. I don't remember mentioning or speaking of race at all, unless you want my opinion on what card game Deval will most certainly play. Also, I live in a world where concepts are tangible and are not soundbites that sound good to doe eyed, woe is me liberal ideologists. Calling Howie Carr sleazy is like calling John Kerry decisive. Maybe you should listen and learn before you pontificate about things you know jack shit about. And I do have more of a clue than you, hell I went to a way better college....

StunnedVoter said...

Awwww, no way! Why didn't anyone tell me we were supposed to ride our mountain bikes and celebrate with mocha cappuchinos? I thought we'd agreed to take our limousines and celebrate with champagne! GAH! Please put me on the mailing list for next time, because I feel really silly showing up in the tasseled loafers when it's supposed to be Birkenstock Day. ):

"I love liberals"

WE love you too! *hugs*

Anon, glad to know your irrational hysteria about immigration has nothing to do with race. That's so unusual these days. I'm mostly afraid of Swedish immigrants, myself. The others can stay, but those Swedes. *shiver* You pass them on the street and they look at you, all, I don't know. And when they answer the phone, well, even when they do speak English, they sound...well, I know I probably shouldn't *say* this but they sound like the Muppet chef, and the way he used to hack things with the cleaver...

"I don't remember mentioning or speaking of race at all, unless you want my opinion on what card game Deval will most certainly play"

Raise your hand if you knew this was coming! Really, everybody? Now what is the definition of the race card again, oh right it means exploiting prejudice against another race for political advantage. Hmmm.

"Also, I live in a world where concepts are tangible"

Yes you do, and you are right. The fact that Howie Carr lies does not technically make him sleazy, it technically only makes him a liar. If we were smarter and more grounded in reality, we could get away from those soundbites and recogize Howie Carr's sadly underappreciated genius.

"And I do have more of a clue than you, hell I went to a way better college...."

That is so obvious it hardly bears mentioning, though it's great you felt the need. Did you attend PJ O'U and specialize in Advanced Howie Carr Studies, the alternative to Gender Studies? Atw, your previous sentence should read "about things about which you know jackshit." Sentence structure, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

StunnedVoter said...

"There was no racial slur, no hysteria implied. I was just saying that you will most certainly be taxed under Duval Patrick and that he will not be hard on illegal immigrants or sex offenders."

Sorry for the second post, Ryan, but I just wanted to say, Anon, that while I already told you I loved you, this just seals the deal. With this combination of sentences, you've reached a form of perfection to which we mere mortals can scarcely dream of aspiring. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no hysteria ahhhhhhhh illegal immigrants ahhhhhh sex offenders. Thank you for lulling me into a higher state of consciousness, nirvana is here. It's even better than the part where you first mocked the entire concept of college/grad students and then tried to claim cred based on the status of your college. I'm guessing that according to your man-of-the-bioted-people schtick, Ryan's school is inferior to yours because it's public. Hmmm, well, if public schools are such worthless zoos, than does it really matter if we allow *those* people to attend? Just like the rest of us who are elitists for attending schools, but apparently not elitist enough if they're public schools?

Anonymous said...

Wow a little defensive about your public school. When or where I mentioned public or private I am unsure but your insecurity shows through and through. There are a lot of way better public colleges than UMASS Dartmouth, like UMASS Amherst and Boston. Just answer me some you know where Deval came from and what he did under Clinton? He is not an outsider, like he says as he was backed by several prominent mass politicians and the beacon of communist thinking the Boston Globe. Unfortunately you and the people who think like you are ruining our country. Political Correctness and the liberal media has brain washed your young minds into believing that capitalism is really socialism. Together we can...we can what?? Braid each other's hair? Give me a break. Deval may be a nice guy but the next governor, no way.

Ryan Adams said...

You know, Anon, you're a good example of what's wrong with society. You blanketly reject anything academia has to offer and consider it just a bunch of theoretical nonsense.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Howie Carr rarely, if ever, uses numbers and facts to base his arguments in reality. Instead, he uses insults and slurs - levels entire stereotypes for 420,000 people that just don't hold water.

I'm a pragmatist; I follow facts and statistics devoutly. It's what I base every decision I make in my life on. I think Sociologists are a bunch of quacks - and Howie Carr's columns scream of sociology.

Just like a lot of insults I'm sure you'd love to throw at it. Like some anthropological study, you'd base your entire welfare policy based on what John Smith is doing with his "free handouts." Because a few people abuse it, clearly it's a bad policy for everyone.

The same goes with illegal immigration and anything else. Instead of grounding your views in reality, because Deval says he wants to limit CORIs to relevant information, he's suddenly going to let all the children in the world get raped. That smacks of quackery.

You may have gone to a better college than I do, but I assure you I've met more idiots from Cornell, Harvard and Dartmouth than I care to count. I could have gone to a number of colleges and Universities that were more "prestigous," but guess what? I'm not made of money and I'm too pragmatic to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education that's just about as good here as it would be in 90% of other colleges.

However, if you're volunteering to pay for my education at a more "prestiguous" university, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

Does Howie Carr even live on the East Coast? I can't even imagine anyone in Massachsetts too stupid to realize that in-state tuition isn't free--this isn't CA--or too lazy to not look it up.

Of course, with Carr it's probably a mixture of being stupid and actually lying. He once linked to what he claimed was a list of state employees and their salaries, many people were stunned and pleased to realize they actually made 5 times more than they realized.

StunnedVoter said...

Anon, seriously, at a certain point do you think you need to confine yourself to your home and stay away from sharp objects so you won't hurt yourself? This is called a blog. It's this thing where someone can post his or her thoughts and then share them with the whole wide world via this thing called the internet. This blog belongs to Ryan. He's a student at Umass Dartmouth. When he posts his thoughts, electronic impulses travel though a series of cables and anyone who connnects to the internet can read them. Even if they don't go to Umass Dartmouth. They don't have to be in Ryan's dorm room to read his thoughts, which is the magic of cyberspace, everyone else can read them too! Am I going too fast? Do you need flash cards?

You do make some good points though. If I went to a public school, I undoubtedly would be very defensive about it. Whoops, no I wouldn't. I've never been there but I have no doubt that UMass Dartmouth is a very fine school and I don't actually believe that the quality of undergrad ed varies all that much from school to school, public or private, but whatever.

"do you know where Deval came from and what he did under Clinton"

Oh jeez, no! Howie Carr never mentioned that, and if I read anything else but Howie my brain would start growing and it would be scary, so ignorance is bliss.

"He is not an outsider, like he says as he was backed by several prominent mass politicians"

Gol durn it, I've been hookwinked! My only criteria for voting is whether or not someone is an outsider, which isn't some completely meaningless and insipid piece of boilerplate. Well that and whether or not he's going to make sure that any immigrant who needs medical treatment will instead be tortured by sex offenders at Gitmo.

"the beacon of communist thinking the Boston Globe"

Seriously, sharp objects, stay away from them. Just to be on the safe side, let's include shiny objects too. We're working on the "soft" and "sharp" flashcards, they'll be right along. Remember, "too stupid to live" is ONLY an expression, if it burns or makes an owie, don't touch it.

"Together we can...we can what??"

Finally, someone understands my pain! WHAT CAN WE DO? It's three words, but it's so hard and so mysterious. Oh, how can I be expected to comprehend such a complicated impenetrable three word slogan, why does everyone else understand it, why do three year olds make fun of me in the street? WHY?

"Deval may be a nice guy but the next governor, no way."

Totally, all you have to do to escape is move to any of the other 49 states. That way Deval won't EVER be your gov at all, and we'll even chip in for a cake and help you pack up the truck! Nice guy my foot, how nice is it to let all these child molesters and illegal aliens run free? You goin' soft, that's punkass touchy feely commie talk. Remember, what would Howie do.

Ryan, I'm sorry for hijacking this thread. You are probably one of the many people who don't like snark especially when it's taking away from serious issues and you're right but I just can't seem to help myself, I'm surrounded by sarcastic people. I'll stop here. Sorry.

Ryan Adams said...


"Unfortunately you and the people who think like you are ruining our country."

We're ruining the country? We don't even have a single branch of the Government. The country is being ruined; that's something we can agree on. However, it isn't by Democrats.

Stunnedvoter, I LOVE Snark. Haven't you seen some of my snarkalicious posts before? You had me cracking up. Anything goes on my blog, especially stuff that's as funny as you've written!


Anon - UMASS Boston is a commuter's school, but maybe me and my UMASS Dartmouth education just isn't bright enough to know that. I mean, clearly I'm just not as good as you and your more prestigious education. And 30,000 other students, plus being out in the middle of no where in Amherst, isn't something I wanted.

UMASS Dartmouth was the next best school for what I study - with brand new housing nicer than ANY of the other public schools in Massachusetts(and I wouldn't go somewhere that didn't have private bathrooms). Plus, they offerred me some extra incentives (cash) to come here. Furthermore, I'd challenge the notion that there's any huge academic difference between Dartmouth, Lowell and Boston - because there isn't any. Each school has specific programs that stand out, but all of them are great all-around educations that *will* give graduates a LOT of opportunity for grad schools - provided the GPA is there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Massachusetts! Now maybe some of the trash that's living in Manchester (NH) will move back south to get driver's licenses with documentation. Go Deval!

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