Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Phoenix's Endorsements:

In no particular order: John Bonifaz, Phil Dunkelbarger, Deb Goldberg and Deval Patrick.

My only surprise is Deb Goldberg, but it looks like they had a tough choice choosing between Goldberg and Murray. Why they don't seem to think Andrea Silbert is on the same field, I don't know.

If anything, the endorsement for Bonifaz seemed strongest:
If ever there were a natural-born reformer, it is Bonifaz. He is perhaps the only person ever to seek office in Massachusetts who is also the winner of a MacArthur “genius” fellowship for his pioneering legal work in voting-rights and campaign-finance reform. Where others see process, Bonifaz sees policy. He has the rare political ability to see life not as it is, but as it should be. He has the idealism and the energy to try to make our government better by making politics accessible to all, not just to the well connected and the well financed. If you think politics is plagued by cynicism and corrupted by cronyism, then a vote for Bonifaz is a vote for hope that the system, and society, can be made better.

And, finally, you wouldn't read this in the Boston Globe,
A vote for Dunkelbarger might help Lynch make up his mind whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican in drag.


Greg said...

I can understand the Goldberg endorsement. Though all three candidates are very strong on gay rights, Goldberg has been particularly strong on the issue and has received the endorsements of leading gay rights groups. Gay rights seems to always be the Phoenix editorial page's #1 issue.

Ryan Adams said...

Oh, that's interesting. Well, that makes me like her even more. There really is *no* way to go wrong in this race, they're all good candidates.

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