Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Polls Closed, Some Thoughts (including Jane Swift?)

Well, the polls are closed. I went around Dartmouth and New Bedford to try to get a sense of what was going on and the only sense I got was that Walsh and Suttner have lots of loyal volunteers. There really wasn't much in terms of the Governor's race that I saw - though, I must admit, I didn't go by some of the larger precinct stations in New Bedford. However, from what I hear, the turnout wasn't terrible - and that's what's important.

For my election coverage, I've been reading BMG, the Herald and Globe, as well as watching NECN. For some reason, NECN needed balance in the newsroom for a Democratic Primary. By balance, I mean having a Republican (Jane Swift) and a Democrat (Warren Tolman) for discussion. That seems to me about as logical as having Saddam Hussien lecture a group of fourth graders about how the US House of Representatives is comprised.

That said, Jane Swift really comes across well on TV. Honestly, she'd have been a much better candidate for Governor than Kerry Healey. I always felt bad that Republicans threw her under the bus for a guy that clearly has disdain for Massachusetts. Yes, she did some things in office she shouldn't have, but part of that can be explained by the fact that she didn't have a Governer's House while her family home was in Western Mass.

[Note to readers: I can't believe I'm defending Jane Swift.]

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