Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pre-Primary Blogging Roundup - Podcast Style

If any readers ever wanted to actually hear me, this is your chance. On the podcast, we discuss electability, each of the state-wide races and even Grace Ross of the Green Party. Particularly interesting is our dialogue on electability - about 7 or 8 minutes into it.

Pictures and analysis from the Deval Rally I went to later today, including one of Deval and I!


Real Deal said...

Not only can Deval Patrick win but IMHO he is the ONLY Democrat who can beat Healey. Why?

Democrats never seem to learn that you don't beat Republicans by being Republican Lite. Healey already has the diehards on the tax cut issue sewn up. The Reilly/Gabrieli metooism only seems cloying and opportunistic. Voters see through that in a minute. It will be a breath of fresh air to have a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party in the race.

Given a choice between Republican and Republican Lite, who would you choose? Given a choice between a Republican frantically trying to distance herself from her predecessor's record and a True Blue Democrat Patrick wins, if for no other reason than that he is the real thing.

Ryan Adams said...

I agree!

Real Deal said...

Gabrieli was fatally flawed from the start. The race already had highly qualified candidate with the right values. His name was Deval Patrick. So Gabrieli had to go negative at some point. The only logical reason to vote for him would be if Deval was somehow not acceptable. Gabrieli found that out the hard way by never catching any mo. Then his obviously canned crack about Deval not being as worthy because he used his summer to spend money on his country home while Gabbers was busy making a down payment on the governor's office just didn't ring true. It was insulting and it made Gabs look like a glib fool.

The pundits said Deval goofed by raising the issue of negative campaigning in the last debate. In fact, neither Reilly nor Gabs denied it. They basically laughed it off claiming to be "nice" compared to what the Republicans will do. If the recent poll is any indication the voters saw a man who has spent more than a year building a grass roots campaign unparalleled in state history being disrespected for telling the truth.

Deval Patrick not only deserves to be the Democrat's standard bearer, but Tuesday will prove that he has earned the loyalty and commitment on the ground to prevail over whatever political attacks Healey will be dishing out.

Let's hope Reilly and Gabs redeem themselves by being there to cover Patrick's flanks in the general election when the real political combat begins.

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