Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Town by Town: How Deval's Doing

[Note to readers: since it's interesting to see how different areas vote, I'll be taking a quick glimpse at it. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some analysis on just why I think things swinged the way they did at local levels.]

So far, so good. Deval's doing well in a diversity of municipalities - from Belmont to Wales and Gosnold. Falmouth is looking good so far. I'll keep updating this throughout. Though I'll possibly be doing an interview in a few minutes.

Keep in mind, though - there's probably less than one % reporting.

Update: 3% reporting.

Some fairly large communities Deval has won, with all precincts reporting:

Reading, North Andover (by just about 200 votes), Concord (huge victory there), Manchester and of course I can't forget Gosnold and Wales.

So far, Deval has a narrow lead in Burlington with 4 of 6 districts reporting.

Update: Interestingly, Dudley - with 1 of 4 districts reporting - has voted 104 Gabrieli, 110 and Reilly ZERO. Don't ask me, that's just about statistically impossible.

Deval is winning every town so far, though as you can see (Burlington, Dudley, etc.) there are a lot of very close ones.

Update: Finally, somewhere Deval isn't winning: Braintree - with 4 of 12 princincts reporting. Let's hope it's an anomoly. Gabrieli: 838, Deval: 627, Reilly: 678.

Update: Dudley was a Boston Globe typo. They fixed it. Reilly had 110 votes in that district and Deval had 139.

All of Burlington's districts have reported. Gabs won it by maybe 20 votes. Just goes to show that every vote counts, at least in a meaningless kind of way.

Tom Reilly's doing relatively well in Barnstable and Billerica (so far).

Update: Marblehead, adjacent to my hometown, voted overwhelmingly for Deval (by just under a thousand votes - for a town of about 17,000 people). Turnout seems high there, with almost 4,000 votes. That has to be close to 40-50% of registered voters.

Update: 9:30ish - all 10 districts of Dartmouth reporting... big Deval win (almost a thousand votes)! Woot, woot!

Update: More UMASS Dartmouth area updates: Fairhaven, Westport and others went to Deval. Bristol County seems to have definitely swung to Deval - so much for being one of the more conservative democratic-leaning areas. The support tonight for Deval has been far and wide - even in the few municipalities where Deval didn't win, he recieved a lot of support.

Update: I was getting worried about Northampton - just look how close it was!

Gabrieli: 258
Patrick: 1,737
Rielly: 264

Update: New Bedford went solidly to Deval, but turnout seemed abysmal there.

Update: Interestingly, while Deval won Fall River, Tom Reilly finished a close second there... which is an interesting contrast to New Bedford, just next door and very similar in make-up, where Deval beat both by about 2,000 votes each, or 4,000 votes in all. Maybe it's because of the extrordinary effort by volunteers in New Bedford?

Update: Some final thoughts for tonight - Surprisingly, Deval did soundly won in cities like Boston, Worcester, New Bedford and Lynn. So much for machine politics and Mayoral endorsements.


Likes bikes 2 said...

Thanks for blogging all this - but Northampton has only one h!

Keep up the good work.

Ryan Adams said...

lol thanks for the correction. Doing this live means I'll be making a lot of mistakes =)

But I will correct it!

Likes bikes 2 said...


I'm listening to the CBS4 web cast with Kerry Healey bringing out the big scary liberal stick to wack DP with.

What she has left is attacking him. But she has to be careful of 2 things - people still do not like women who are too strident. As many voters do not know her, she has to define herself fast, and if she comes out too fast with that attack stuff she'll lose them.

The other thing is that shaking that same ol' stick at him is missing the mark. The numbers and breadth of DP's victory tonight - mainly based on the emotional connection he has already made with people.

He has already defined himself to thousands of voters. That horse is out of the barn already.

Ryan Adams said...

Indeed. Kerry Healey did herself no favors tonight. If that's the best they have, Deval's going to win big.

Anonymous said...

Came here via mydd comments thread. you are doing absolutely great work here. thanks for doing this live. have been following MA politics since college days there. glad to see patrick doing well tonight.

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks, Anon... I'll be doing this for the entire campaign, so I hope you come back!

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