Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vote for Phil Dunkelbarger, 9th Congressional

It's a good idea.

Oh, and join the Mass Netroots while you're at it. We're a new branch of blogging - instead of just merely being engaged at the blogosphere level, we're trying to take what we learn and apply it to those who don't read the blogs. We're talking to Congressmen, Senators and concerned citizens. It's a great, growing organization.


selise said...

i can't vote for phil, but i can send a donation!

Ryan Adams said...

every dollar helps!

I can't wait till the day I'm earning a regular paycheck, at least one above poverty level (sadly, the University pays near minimum wage, if not minimum wage, for all its campus jobs for students). For a campaign like Deval Patrick, I'd have believed in it enough to give the full $500. Dunkelbarger would have gotten at least a hundred too.

Thankfully, my academic career is winding down for now - at least until I go to grad school.

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