Friday, September 22, 2006

Yo, Globe: He's Been Saying that All Along

David Dahl, the Globe's political editor, posted a blog today suggesting Deval is using one of Chris Gabrieli's campaign lines, "I'm not running as a label. I'm interested in good ideas, whether they are Democratic ideas or Republican ideas or independent ideas.'' While there's some real, not-so-subtle differences between that line and Gabrieli's line ('it doesn't matter if it's a Republican idea or a Democratic idea, so long as it's a good idea'), I would like to point out to David that I heard Deval stump on how labels don't define him a long time ago. Specifically, he talked about how he didn't care if something were right and left; he was more interested in if it were right or wrong. He even went on to discuss how Mitt Romney has had some good ideas, Mitt just failed to implement them. As a refresher, that was in April, which is like 15 dog years ages ago in an election season.

And even if Chris Gabrieli were to have said it before Deval, I assure readers he wasn't the person to coin the phrase. However, if people want to think it's a Chris Gabrieli phrase - all the better. After all, Deval Patrick is going to be counting on Gabrieli and Reilly supporters for victory in November: we want to send clear messages to them that they should support Deval, especially since he will borrow Chris Gabrieli and Tom Reilly's best ideas.


Joe said...

I think rolling back the income tax is a fabulous idea. So is refusing illegal aliens licenses. So is subjective pay for teachers.

But seriously, as a tax-paying citizen, I honestly worry where the money for his ideas is going to come from. If he's planning on planting a money tree, don't bother. The guy who sold me one cheated me, along with the hot dog tree.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you're supposed to preface your remarks by saying you were thisclose to voting for Deval until he started rippping off Gabrieli's ideas/Republican ideas/whatever ideas, and before you found out his supporters were so mean. Do the normal talking points take a detour on the way to in-state fax machines?

Personally, I think it's a fantastic idea to deny licences to undocumented workers. If I'm involved in an accident with an undocumented worker, above all I want to make absolutely sure that there's no way he has insurance. As a tax paying citizen, I like to emphasize that insurance is some kind of socalist plot to deny individual responsibility and I should have to pay to fix my own car even if I wasn't at fault.

Joe said...

We're already paying if we get in an accident with someone uninsured so I'm pretty sure that whole second paragraph is moot. Moooooot.

And I wasn't "this close" to voting for him, I was "this close" to voting for Gabs. Then Ryan, with his fantastic ability to bring things to my attention kept telling me all kinds of nasty things that solidified me to my base, I guess you could say. And who ever said his supporters are mean? Perhaps you should begin prefacing your remarks, specifically with that fact that nothing you say will be supported by either empirical or anecdotal evidence. Good day, Sir!

Ryan Adams said...

I don't think the insurance argument is moot. Undocumented immigrants are going to drive - regardless of whether or not they get licenses. We could be pragmatic about it and allow them licenses, so they'd a) get insurance, b) get more training (taking the drivers test, etc.) and c) be put on the road to working towards citizenship.

All around, it's smart policy. It may not feel good, but we can't base policy on how something "feels." Truthiness isn't truth.

Joe said...

I would support it only they had a clause that undocumented workers who had filed for citizenship were allowed. If you're illegal and not planning on becoming legal, ferget it.

Joel Patterson said...

I believe at Fanueil Hall, long before Chris Gabrieli got into the race, Deval Patrick emphasized worrying less about whether an idea was "left or right" and more about "right or wrong."

And as for joe's first two "fabulous ideas," we already are on a path to lowering the rate to 5.0%. And refusing illegal aliens' licenses is an AWESOME way to maintain a permanent underclass in this country who live in the shadows, afraid to cooperate with police or public health workers.

I wonder if Joe, as tax-paying citizen, read about these Republican pigs slopping at the trough? An extra $5 million dollars went out the window there.

Joe said...

Ryan, I want to apologize that your comments is becoming a me vs them section but...

Joel, what makes you think giving them licenses is going to do to
A. Curb illegal immigration
B. Encourage cooperation with government agencies
C. Raise the class of the illegal immigrants

It solves none of these problems. There is no evidence to say that it would because it's an irrational supposition.

I know this is a difficult thing for a liberal to wrap his mind around, mostly because it just sounds so darn cold, but you can't just change policy to raise entire sections of the population up -- especially if you're targeting a ethnic or racial minority. Time and time again, it has always been a people making the concious choice to do better and to live better to raise themselves out of the depths and into prosperity. What is more glorious or romantic than seeing a people rise up? Nationwide, Asians are prosperous and score high on tests where they too, were once at a lower level than whites, but they chose to ascend. They worked hard, quietly plugging along without complaint, and they did well.

You tell me that refusing licenses is a way to keep the shadowclass? I tell you that giving them licenses legitamizes a way of life that is illegal. If they come around looking for a license, give them the form to get a green card, just like my predecessors did, just like my sisters boyfriend did, just like a lot of my classmates did. Sure, it sounds cold, but won't all these people live better lives if we leave them with no other option than to become legal residents? A license is nothing but another reason to never go legal.

Ok, my rant is done, but good call on the tax thing, wasn't aware of that. If the rate ever actually hits 5% I'll buy us all a round.

Ryan Adams said...

Write away, Joe. My comments are a free-speech zone.

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