Friday, October 06, 2006

Apparently, Deval's Destroying the "Natural Family"

You know, because he takes pictures with gay people! Gay people!! Ack! Eww! Eek!

Oh - and those people protest and everything! You know, they actually want some basic rights (like marriage) and like to use the inconvenient little tool our founding father's gave us.... the First Amendment! How dare those little faggots mixed-up homos people going through a "phase" abuse use their constitutional rights! Don't they know constitutional rights are only for heterosexuals and closeted Republican congressmen?

Mass Resistance asked a pretty basic question at the end of their blog:
Doesn't it bother most voters that Patrick supports those wanting to destroy the natural family and marriage, shut down churches, and indoctrinate children from an early age without their parents' consent?
Allow me to answer that - no. In fact, it does not bother most voters. Over 75% of Massachusetts Residents support gay rights. It's only the misguided, bigots and incredibly stupid who get bothered by gay rights issues. The vast majority of the population understand that gay marriage and gay rights has nothing to do with anyone other than gay people; it effects no one else. The vast majority of the population understands that there's no destruction of the "natural family" (whatever that is) - just a few people who now get to benefit from the most fundamental right that exists for citizens: the right to find love, have children and have that love sanctified by the state.

PS: How desperate are the foes of Deval Patrick that they'd go and find pictures of Mark and try to use that against Deval Patrick? It's not as if Deval and Mark are buddy buddies... anyone could get a picture with Deval. Just show up to one of his speeches and be prepared to wait up to 5-20 minutes afterwards.


Joe said...

Can I see your source? The highest percent I've seen in a poll in support was 63% (lowest being 31%, but that was 2004 -- easily outdated.)

Ryan Adams said...

My source was probably the Boston Globe, but I can't remember exactly which one it is (it could be linked on my website, I can check when I have more time). The 75% came from around ~60% who supported gay marriage and another 15-20% who didn't, but supported Civil Unions instead.

Joe said...

Ahhh, I understand.

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