Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bad Baddourd Bad!

Someone needs to smack this guy on the head and knock some sense into him.

But Democratic sources told the Herald that Baddour had conversations with Democratic associates before the primary, saying that if Reilly lost, he would reach out to Healey. He said he was going to call Healey first thing Wednesday morning, after the primary, one source said.

It isn't exactly a secret that some Democrats in the House and Senate are afraid of a powerful Democratic Governor, like Deval Patrick would be. You see, they can't stomp all over Deval like they could Kerry Healey. Instead, they'd have to let Governor Deval help set the agenda and gauge the populace to see what issues need reform. Instead of political allies getting bloated pensions, UMASS may just be infused with some badly needed cash. Nothing scares Baddour and company like real progress and reform - it's the death of the old machine.

Well, allow me to give some sound political advice to Senator Steven Baddour: be afraid, very afraid. Once Deval Patrick wins, you're going to not only have a lot of angry bloggers after you, but a powerful Democratic Governor who isn't going to be exactly thrilled that a Democrat in the Senate was actively working against his party. You see, while it's a great thing to have intra-party diversity and a big tent, it's completely different to actively work against party nominees. By all means, challenge them in a primary - but once that primary is open, you work with your party, not against it. I'd expect the same from Republicans.

Steven Baddour picked the wrong campaign to challenge the Democratic Nominee for Governor. He's a Beacon Hill flea about to run into the windshield that is Deval Patrick's campaign watershed movement. He certainly won himself no friends with this strategy.

Sadly, Deval Patrick is a much nicer person than I am. If I were running for Governor, then won, I'd be making a friendly phone call to Trav's replacement informing him about the "Baddour problem." However, knowing Deval, he's much more likely to be calling Baddour saying "no worries" - I guess that's the price to pay for having a decent politician. Vindictive bastards like me don't get to watch the political fireworks. Instead, there's only boring meaningful progress and the improvement of people's daily lives.

Ya, I'll take it. The death of politics as usual won't be fun, but it is necessary.


Anonymous said...

You know who would be the perfect person to come forward and publicly smack this guy down? Reilly. After going negative in the primary, it would be a class act for he and G. to come out more strongly than ever now with mea culpas and unity, especially as Healey is trying in her pathetic fashion to use some of their words against Deval. It would go a long way towards establishing goodwill.

Ryan Adams said...

Why Reilly hasn't is beyond me, especially since Healey is using him as much as she is Baddourd.

However, Healey's ads have been more contreversial than they have been effective. She even used some of her footage completely illegally.

(I was going to link to the story, but the Herald's site is down now. Kim Atkins discussed it yesterday.)

Anonymous said...

it's Baddour, not Baddourd.

Ryan Adams said...

you don't like my nickname?

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