Monday, October 30, 2006

The Boston Herald: On Kerry Healey, Take Our Word for It

Oh, this was rich:

Kerry Healey is a far better candidate and a far better person than the campaign she waged.

Let me finish the rest of the editorial:

Really, really, she is! She is! Take our word for it! If only she had the ability to get her word out and talk about the issues, this would have been a totally different race. $15 million clearly wasn't enough money for her to do that! She sides with the people of Massachusetts on the issues, that's why she thinks ALL public schools should be charter schools. She's fantastic and super in every way, but that evil, deceitful Deval Patrick won't let you know any better. I mean, he's not the one showing negative ads, but that doesn't make it Kerry Healey's fault that she didn't get to talk about issues!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember how, just today, I questioned whether or not the Herald would be willing to enter Shilldom? You know, the place where the truth doesn't matter and only spin counts? Well, they went and did it. What a bunch of hacks.
It would be one thing to write a clearly contrived editorial (as the Herald did with Tom Reilly during the primary) if they thought their candidate had a chance - but when there is no such hope? We all know newspaper editorials aren't as important as some would think, but newspapers certainly aren't going to be ecstatic to illustrate just how useless their editorial space can be during the middle of an election.

Boy was I wrong!


Aaron said...

Please explain to me exactly how the Herald's endorsement of Tom Reilly was contrived.

Anonymous said...

Knew you were going to get disappointed on that one. LOL The Hearld pretends to be conservative populist but in reality they're just conservative shill. I do take a perverse pleasure in watching guys beg people to take a free copy and getting no takers.

Still, they've got a good point. Jeffrey Dahmer was a better person than the cannibalistic murders he committed, you know.

Ryan Adams said...

Aaron, you can tell by the fact that no honest person could say those things with a straight face... it comes across as blatantly dishonest at best, completely laughable in a Colbert Report sense at worst.

I suggest you let go of Tom Reilly's loss. He was given a thorough whooping and is politically cooked in terms of Massachusetts. No use in grasping over straws, man. Find yourself a new candidate =)

Aaron said...

He did indeed get whooped, and he is done in Massachusetts politics. But I have the Herald endorsement of TR right in front of me, I can understand not agreeing with everything it says. But what in it can't be said with a straight face?

Ryan Adams said...

Let's start with the 9/11 crap and end with how oh-so-great his character is (as if either of his opponents didn't have high moral character - more so than Reilly, who got caught lying on more than one occasion).

I'm not going to get into this beyond this point though, Aaron, because the primary is long over and we have an election to win. If you disagree with me, fine. That's your perogative... but for the love of God focus on what's at hand and stop drinking the Reilly kool-aid well past the expiration date..

Anonymous said...

Aaron, Jesus. Tom Reilly is lonely, he's still sitting on the steps on his house. Why don't you go find him and maybe he can adopt you or something? Maybe you guys can prank call Ryan.

Anonymous said...

And Aaron's bizarre preoccupations and lack of comprehension skills result in yet more demands for satisfaction? lol People don't owe you things. If you want an explination, maybe you should put a little bit of work in and try to puzzle it out for yourself or just accept that there are things you don't get and people who don't agree and places where people are going to say things you don't like. And maybe that's okay. You don't always get to dictate the terms of conversation, that's what having a blog of your own is for.

Aaron said...

Ok, all I asked for was an explanation of why the Herald's endorsement of TR was contrived, which I'd be happy to debate with anyone who cares. I recognize that Ryan may have other things to do than debate this issue, so I am content to let it go.
By the way, Kudos to Ryan for showing his picture, a video of himself, and his email on his blog, rather than hiding behind the term "Anonymous."

StunnedVoter said...

By the way, Kudos to Ryan for showing his picture, a video of himself, and his email on his blog, rather than hiding behind the term "Anonymous."

You're funny. ROFL If Ryan has a problem with anonymous comments, he can probably not allow them, because this seems to be, ya know, his blog and everything.

If you want to put up an email address where people of "Anonymity" can share all of their personal info with you, is it more likely you'll show up at their homes with Tom Reilly to demand an apology or with Kerry Healey and "Inmates for Deval"?

Also, I'm just wondering. A guy I know posts on BMG anonymously. Like, you know, everyone posts on BMG anonymously, basically. If I show his girlfriend his posts, she's going to break up with him, because he tells her one thing about waht he believes, then posts completely opposite things on BMG. Should I do it, in the interests of not allowing him to hide? Or should I maybe not be a super intense stalker and get a life?

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Tim O'Brien gives you a big bonus for every single thread you derail with your egomania foolishness. You can debate it with anybody who cares, problem is, seems like almost nobody does. Maybe if they did, Ryan would actually write about it.

Anyhoo, back on topic, the Herald is probably coordinating with the Healey campaign anyway. LOL Their endorsement dovetails nicely with her new ad, the guy running who pretends that he considered Deval because he thought he was different like, maybe from all those other Dems we don't like round here, but turns out he's just been the same all along.

The Herald dithering like there was a chance they'd go for someone else is just as convincing. Hell, they probably endorsed a few Dems this time just to try and make it more convincing, like look at us, we endorsed Kennedy, we don't just endorse Republicans, we're endorsing Healey for merit. Really!

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