Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Herald Editorial I Agree With!!

Who would have ever thought?
Beyond the negative campaign ads (Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey’s) and the negative ad about the negative ads (Deval Patrick’s), there are two incredibly smart, thoughtful candidates who presented themselves yesterday before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

If only all voters could get to see these two contenders for the Corner Office without the rancor and showmanship of debates as they presented their platforms for growth and economic development.

The Herald is referring to a candidate forum held yesterday in Boston. While I love debates, I also love candidate forums. Both allow people the opportunity to see how candidates stack up against each other at the same venue, but candidate forums are less about political sport and more about getting to the actual issues. They may not be as much fun to watch - and don't lend themselves well to campaigns where candidates just can't seem to get along - but I wouldn't mind one of these upcoming debates to be more like a live candidate forum and less like an actual debate.


Aaron said...

I agree...the problem with the forums though is that they aren't televised, so either you have to be there, or rely on the media's interpretation of the event. But you're right-on about them being more issue-driven. (I attended the housing forum back in June, and it was very different from the televised debates, the "Taj-Deval" line notwithstanding.)
I would also like to see a debate without Mihos and Ross. They deserve air time, but I think one debate with just Patrick and Healey would be nice.

Ryan Adams said...

Forums can and have been televised, so there's no reason why they couldn't/shouldn't here.

As for Mihos, he has about 10% of the votes right now. I find it hard to justify his removal - he's a credible candidate.

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