Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hub Politics Throwing Conniptions Over Mihos... haha

It's all about the schadenfreude here at Ryan's Take. Anyone else enjoying the complete agony that is Hub Politics in October?

Hub Politics, the conservative Massachusetts blog, is warning the public: Christy Mihos is ebil! At Hub Politics, it's all Christy Mihos this and Christy Mihos that. They're terrified that, you know... Christy Mihos actually debates. Of course, what Hub Politics calls "stumbles on answer" really means "kicks Healey in the groin," but who's to argue over descriptive phrases?

They find the fact that Christy Mihos doesn't favor an income tax rollback just shocking! Shocking, I tell you! Shocking!! They were so afraid people wouldn't believe their blog that Mihos is against a tax rollback that they even posted a youtube to prove it! Shocking I tell you, just shocking!

Note to Hub Politics: Deval Patrick is currently crushing your candidate in every way imaginable, don't you think you're barking up the wrong tree? Women are supporting Deval; men are supporting Deval. Democrats and Independents are supporting Deval. Here's a fact that doesn't shock me: about 25% of Republicans are supporting Deval. Meanwhile, Hub Politics goes on the attack against Christy Mihos... let's all hope the idiots the Margolis family keeps up the strategy. That way, when we talk about Massachusetts political blogs of note, we can semi-quote Hub Politics and say "Once again, [Hub Politics] was just there."


Aaron said...

Ryan, what are your thoughts on the Globe story today about DP and the convicted rapist? I must say, I am trying hard to like Deval Patrick, and while there are certainly qualities about him that are likeable, stories such as this make it hard for me.

Ryan Adams said...

Well, this paragraph should clear up a lot of your questions:

"A quotation from one of Patrick's letters was removed from LaGuer's website in the last several days, after Patrick issued a statement suggesting he no longer supported the effort to free the convicted rapist. Patrick said he had reviewed the history of the case and concluded that ``justice has been served," in light of a 2002 DNA test that confirmed the prosecution 's case against LaGuer."

It seems completely plausible to me that one would support a position pre-DNA evidence, then cease to support it after new DNA evidence is used.

I still haven't thoroughly investigated the matter to the point where I'd write a blog about it either way, but no candidate is going to make me 100% happy. Certainly, Kerry Healey's positions and track record indicate she'd be much worse in protecting people from future rape (after all, Romney's administration has led to the layoffs of literally hundreds of cops across the state).

Aaron said...

It disturbs me that he ever did support parole for this scumbag. I'll admit to sometimes (OK, often) drinking from the anti-Deval kool-aid so to speak, but even from an objective standpoint this is awfully disturbing. Especially with his claim that the last letter he wrote was ten years ago, when it fact it was in the year 2000.

If this same scenario occured but it was Reilly instead of Patrick, I think we would be hearing the term "Flip-flop" quite a bit on leftyblogs today. Your thoughts?

Ryan Adams said...

6 years and 10 years is a lot of years. If I was thinking off the top of my head, I don't know if I could seperate something that happened either 6 or 10 years ago - with the exception being if it were related to a particular grade (like if it were something that happened in Mrs. Cassidy's class =p)

I couldn't tell you, off the top of my head, if I went to Bonkers for my birthday when I was 8 or when I was 12, which could either be 10 or 14 years ago...

Do you get my point?

However, I could tell you I had a magician before I went to Bonkers - and no real big birthday party with school friends after that, which was precisely my original point: forgetting which year something happened in is completely normal.

As for the LaGuere case, there was widespread support for further study on the issue. From what I understand, neither Deval nor Silber, et al, wanted LaGuere to be immediately released - they wanted to make sure he had a fair investigation and trial. They wanted to make sure things like DNA evidence was used - and eventually it was.

I would support DNA evidence to be used in ALL cases when possible. Literally hundreds of people have been released from prison after new DNA evidence was revealed - including inmates on Death Ro. That's what Deval said his letters were about and why he got involved.

Anonymous said...

I'm much more offended by HubPolitics "I'm not a racist if I don't like Deval" screed. No one but Aaron has said anything close to that.

There's plenty of evidence to justify calling Aaron a racist and a homophobe in his own writings. HubPolitics is actually fairly tamed compared to the cesspool of white guy insecurity which is pardonmyenglis.

Both brothers are world class putzes. The site has become almost as good a morning laugh as MassNews used to be.

Aaron said...

Anon--If you could please note that you're talking about Aaron from Hub Politics and not me, I'd appreciate it. (I'm the Aaron who left the above comments, not the Hub Politics guy.) Thanks!

Ryan Adams said...

Yes, we've certainly had our disagreements over the past, Aaron, but you're niether homophobic nor racist. I'm sure Anon was referring to Hub Politics.

Anonymous said...


SORRY - I was definitely referring to Aaron Margolis from HubPolitics.

Aaron Margolis is a pretty sorry excuse for a human being.

He recently posted an article entitled "Did anyone else just laugh when you heard this story?" on PardonMyEnglish. It ended with "I was in my car when I heard about this; I cheered with delight."

The article?

Nine illegal immigrants were killed in a highway crash Monday while trying to elude Border Patrol agents, and at least 12 others were injured, officials said.

On the plus side, HubPolitics has reminded me jsut how truly awful the modern Conservative movement is. I'm basically a libertarian, but these guys have really pushed me left, just out of sheer disgust. Give me Goldwater...

Anonymous said...

BTW, my original post was a reaction to this bit of cognitive dissonance from Aaron Margolis. I'm impressed by his ability to revel in being a rebel Republican in a Democratic state, then turn around and claim Deval doesn't speak for the people.

Hey Aaron, how's the view from that cross?

My dislike of Deval Patrick is rooted solely in the fact that his political beliefs do not align with mine--they don't even come close. Plain and simple. Most of the voters in the Commonwealth are in the same boat, they do not agree with his position on issues like taxes and illegal immigration, yet for some reason, at least half of the people who disagree with Patrick on those issues say they are going to vote for him anyway. Are they deranged, or is it once again, white guilt?

I am a conservative Republican living in Massachusetts. I've been called a litany of things by the liberal robots that outnumber my kind. Bigot. Fascist. Homophobe. Nazi. And yes, I've been called a racist too--it seems to be one of the more popular ones. I have learned to accept that being called these things is almost a rite of passage for a conservative, and we will have to now accept the fact that we will be labeled racists simply because we disagree with Deval Patrick.

Bring it on Democrats. Your words have never, and will never hurt me. Go ahead, call me a racist. Been there, done that.

Ryan Adams said...

Read "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

... Conservatives revel in their misery. They think they're crusading against the mainstream - all facets of the government and media - despite the fact that they downright own the government right now and control a very large stake in the media, while having parts of the media terrified of upsetting them.

This brand of conservatism is, quite simply, delusional.

Aaron said...

Thank you Ryan and anon.

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