Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is This for or Against Kerry Healey?

You tell me. It clearly looks like it's against Kerry Healey, but it was seemingly made by "Dems for Healey." Maybe the name is a joke because, according to survey after survey, there really aren't any Dems for Healey. They're certainly a rare breed and, if this youtube is to be believed, rather confused.

Despite the fact that the video is a spoof on Star Wars, which is about as cliched as the ultimate cliche, the introduction is actually somewhat entertaining. It gets random and disorganized after that, but who am I to complain?

Update: Is Mitt Romney for or against Kerry Healey?

Romney is quoted in a good piece today in the Los Angeles Times as saying it would have been "a lot smarter to stay in Michigan" had he known he was going to be a GOP bigwig. (Read the full story here; an excerpt follows below.)

After a breakfast here for Iowa Republicans, Romney admitted in an interview that he would have been "a lot smarter to stay in Michigan" if he had foreseen his plunge into GOP politics.
With friends like that, does Kerry Healey really need enemies? Or pesky bloggers on her tail? Oh - and here's the weekly reminder for Mitt Romney: don't let the door hit you on your way out.


Charley on the MTA said...

Check this out, Ryan.

Ryan Adams said...

lol... that's kind of funny, actually. It's almost like dpwatch.blogspot.com, except (s)he isn't being serious... which makes dpwatch all the more hilarious, because that guy is a bonifide whacko!

Anonymous said...

Can we pass a law where we can go to the home of everyone who voted for Romney and retroactively smack them in the head with a very large fish? Or maybe create a timemachine so that it'll turn out that Asshat Jones really did stay in Michigan instead of inflicting himself on us? Please?

Ryan Adams said...

lol you invent the time machine, i'll write the law. I'm sure we can find some congressman or woman out there who will sponsir it =p

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