Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kerry Healey: Why I Don't Watch TV

There are two things I watch on TV: new episodes of both Battlestar Gallactica and Project Runway. That's it. The rest of the year, the TV is off far more than it's on.

Needless to say, I missed Kerry Healey's new ad - on how Patrick will let murderers go free -that's making a big hoopla around the blogs. Curious, I paid her website a visit and checked it out.

What a bunch of - pardon my language - crap. It's official, she has nothing to run on and nothing to say, so she'll say anything. She's desperate - a loose cannon. Even Christy Mihos is making inroads against her.

While we're on the subject of crime...

Hey, Kerry, how about your record on crime? What about that Cop Killer your administration hired to work at the State House, of all places. Kinda goes hand in hand with Reed Hillman, Kerry's running mate, trying to get his cop-assualting pal pardoned so the guy could buy a gun! Brilliant!

If Deval Patrick is weak on crime, I'd hate to see what four years of Kerry Healey will do.


selise said...

yeah, i know it doesn't involve the future of our planet or our republic, or even our state. but isn't friday the season opener for Battlestar Gallactica?

i don't even have cable, so i'll have to wait for the itunes download...

Ryan Adams said...

I'm sooooo excited for BSG! Every night I keep reminding myself so I won't forget!


We'll have to have a BSG party at some point this season, selise! I'm actually heading out to Worcester to do a blogger roundtable on the gov election toward the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only geek who's sad that BSG and Stargate Atlantis are now out of sync schedule-wise and might never be put together again?

Yeah, I thought so. :)

selise said...

anonymous, i never have watched any of the stargate series, although several people have told me to give them a try.... i suppose not having cable has alot to do with it... got hooked on BSG when i was staying at my dad's (who had cable) while he was in the hospital.

someday, i'll have to watch the stargate dvds via netflix...

ryan, i don't know anyone else (besides you) who watches BSG - or at least is willing to admit it.

when you visit worcester will you have any extra time? it would be my pleasure to buy you (and anyone you're traveling with) a beer or a coffee.

Ryan Adams said...

I looked it up, I'll be in Worcester on the 27th =)

I have to be there for 4pm, so I'll probably be all wrapped up in the studio by 6ish, so I'll have all night hehe.

skeptical brotha said...


Healey's ad is the lowest blow of all the ads I've seen this year. It is literally pregnant with negative racial inferences. Until this ad, I believed Healey to be a moderate republican. She may yet be, however, she is also a desperate pol willing to do anything, or say anything to keep holding onto power.

Ryan Adams said...

I completely agree - she went way below the belt and basically, en leau of the truth, made crap up.

It won't be all that effective and risks sending her already terrible favorability ratings down the crapper.

She's focusing so much on dragging Deval's down - when his are already very high. She should be focusing on sending hers skyward. Quite frankly, there's no possible way for her to win if her favorability is at 40%. Try as she can, she'll never be able to drag Deval's down below 50% - no matter how negative she goes. Meanwhile, Deval Patrick isn't going to stand for it - he'll fight back.

Anonymous said...

You know what I'd like to see run for ads, some ideas about what the candidates would do for us. Not what the their opponents won't do. But I just went to the official Democratic state web site and looked at the top 7 stories, 6 are just bad-mouthing Healy. Maybe you know is Deval for capital punishment, pro-choice, keep the MCAS or dump it etc ??

Ryan Adams said...

Deval is against the Death Penalty, pro-choice and generally for the MCAS.

If you want to find about his positions, skip the Democratic website and go to his own. He has at least a half-dozen very detailed position papers. You can find his positions and ideas on things ranging from improving education to creating jobs and helping solve the housing crisis.

Also, has issue statements up if you'd like to check them out. I recommend it.

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