Monday, October 23, 2006

Romney and Religion

The Globe has an editorial criticizing Romney for his Church fundraising, including an interesting contrast between Romney and JFK.
Non-Catholics were unduly fearful that the worldly Kennedy would take orders from the Vatican. But Romney appears all too willing to entangle religion and politics. Voters who practice a different faith, or none at all, deserve assurances that he can separate the demands of public life from the urgings of Salt Lake City.

The Globe need look no further than Mitt's agenda to see just how deeply embedded Romney is to the religious movement in America. If America wants to stop having Presidents beholden to religious interests, it needs to stop electing them. Mitt Romney's tactics have been no better or worse than George W. Bush's. Evangelical churches across the country are holding voter registration drives, inviting the army to come on over and visit and talking about just how wonderful the GOP is for religious people everywhere. It needs to stop, but Mitt Romney won't be the one to do it.


Joe said...

MASSPirg had a big voter registration drive. People came knocking on my door 3 nights in a row. As far as the main group they were targeting to register, i.e. college students, I don't think there's a difference between them holding one and an evangelical church holding one.

Ryan Adams said...

The difference being, of course, that public colleges aren't religious institutions. The founding fathers never talked about a seperation of schools and state, but they did talk about seperating church and state.

(However, if you'd like to get me going on an anti-MassPirg rant, it's very easy. This is how much I like Masspirg: I voted against their funding mechanism.)

Anonymous said...

You know, now that it's come out that Mitt was working on some big campaign strategy behind the scenes with the Mormom elders, I'm wondering if he hasn't cut a deal with KKK Kerry that if she runs a campaign so bad it actually makes him look better by comparison, and he gets to be some big shot in national politics becasue of it, he'll reward her somehow with something on the national level.

Because the only other option I can think of is that she's certifiably insane. I don't think anyone in her right mind would think that sending a busload of skinheads to someone's home, or, really, sending skinheads anywhere, would be a good idea or garner any benefit to her among anyone outside her base.

Besides horrible publicity, there's nothing for for to gain by doing something like that so yeah, I'm thinking either she needs to be put away, or she's doing it for Mitt?

Ryan Adams said...

I've heard that rumor floated around a few times, I don't necessarily believe it though. I just think that Kerry Healey's a political noob and figured that her key to winning wasn't to offer any actual plans or ideas, but to scare the hell out of the populace.

Personally, I don't think Kerry Healey and Mitt Romney had a particularly strong relationship. I think Kerry Healey probably stayed out of his way.

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