Friday, October 27, 2006

Thinking About Ever Running for Politics?

Then don't ever write erotic fiction.

It has to be the worst "diary" I ever read, but the actual story isn't pretty. Here's my comment on the thread, which makes a whole lotta sense considering the diary's lunatic advice.


Joe said...

Mabye it is just fiction, and it turns out this dude has a serious sicko streak. Mabye, mabye not, but it should be looked at closely.

Tell me this scenario isn't accurate (albeit hypothetical):
Webb gets elected. Left goes "yaaayyy." Webb touches little boy. Right goes "boooo!" Left defends Webb, says "He's traumatized by Vietnam." Right says "we tried to tell you about this earlier with his erotic fiction thing do-hickey..." The left, vehement of their defense of sex-criminal, tries to block a censure of Webb (fails), but he gets elected back into office for 12 more years.

Now if he gets elected and doesn't touch little people, good. I'm glad. But if this doesn't deserve a double and triple-take as to who this man is, I dunno what does.

Ryan Adams said...

From what I actually read (and I should put a correction, but I'm really busy).. the book is actually an account of what he saw at Vietnam.

If it were pure fiction, though, I'd have no reservations in agreeing with you that it would deserve to be scrutinized. That said, we're also talking about Senator "Macaca" Allen too, who hung up a noose from his law office... so I don't really know what's worse. LOL (Not to sound too shillish. I need to learn more about this Webb thing too.)

StunnedVoter said...

Okay, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Tell me this scenario isn't accurate

Okay. WTF? Even if you think that people who put sick scenes in books are therefore criminals (and that's going to include a whole lot of writers), where does this "let's cover up him being a child molester" come from?

Already when you say "right goes boo" to sex crimes instead of "right says no biggie, let's engage in massive coverup" you're writing fiction.

Let's review: Clinton, Democrats "Throw him to the wolves!" Foley, and the gajillion other child sex predators who've been caught during this administration, plus Bush 1 White House child sex ring etc., Republicans: "PROMOTION AND LET'S MAKE SURE THIS NEVER COMES OUT!"

man, you guys have to realize that there are more important things than winning and losing and despite current evidence not everyone is an amoral, sick, corrupt, power freak.

There are more important things than who currently has a D and who has an R. Like, you know, protecting the victims of sexual crimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for the love of...

Is there such a thing as being a smidge too "literal"?

Bret Easton Ellis must be a serial killer because he wrote American Psycho?

Scooter Libby is really training up bears to rape the little girls he kidnaps because it was in his novel?

Maybe some writers just have sick creepy disturbing imaginations without actually being crazy perpetrators of crimes?

Good pro-ject-ion, Joe, but just because 1/3 of the country will excuse anything and everything done by a Republican doesn't mean that the other 2/3 have the same kind of religious devotion to criminal lunatics or political parties.

The only place your scenario will play out is in the wishful thinking where you try to pretend everybody does it, they're just as bad as us too, who cares. Good luck.

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