Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Should Be Ashamed, Kerry Healey

Kerry Healey's newest ad is also her worst. Not able to 'dig up' any new lies and distortions, she's sticking to the Ben LaGuer meme. The ad can be found here and everyone should watch it. We need to watch it so we burn Kerry Healey's image and record in our head. Never again, Kerry Healey, will Massachusetts elect a candidate who employs these tactics. They don't serve to elect a noble government, but one that will cheat and steal as it has during its campaign to actually get in office. Sometimes how you get there is important as what you do when you're there, because how you get there expresses exactly what you're willing to do once in office.

Citizens of Massachusetts have to ask themselves this question: Is Kerry Healey what we want in a politician? Do we want to elect someone who refuses to discuss the issues and instead spends millions upon millions trying to demean her opponents? Do we want a candidate who is willing to engage in open and honest discourse, or one who distorts the truth and plays by the gutter?

At the end of Kerry Healey's ad, she says of Deval Patrick, "He should be ashamed, not Governor."

No, Kerry Healey, you should be ashamed. You should be ashamed, not Governor. You should be ashamed, not Lt. Governor. You should be ashamed, not a Congresswoman, Town Selectmen or member of the Board of Education. You should be ashamed and driven out of government for good.

You should be ashamed at the politics you've been willing to resort to, rejecting time and time again new chances to engage in honest discourse. You should be ashamed at going way beyond the boundaries of taste and class. Most of all, you should be ashamed for proving to all of Massachusetts just how unworthy you are to sit in the Corner Office. The damage was self-inflicted and digging yourself deeper with new ads even worse than the ones that came before it will inspire no one: for shame, Kerry Healey, for shame.


StunnedVoter said...

In a way, you've got to admire the depth of her commitment to being an evil pig of a human being. When you think she's hit absolute rock bottom and can't go any lower, she pulls out a shovel. Next stop, earth's crust.

Or maybe Braintree, now that racial slurs are turning up in parks there, she's going to go track down the culprit and make him her new running mate and spokesperson.

Anonymous said...

And somehow Scott Allen Miller and Aaron Margolis manage to dig even deeper.

For example, she hasn't managed to bring homophobia into the mix, at least not yet.

StunnedVoter said...

Don't count her out yet, there's still plenty of time. I'm starting to get really confused though, am I supposed to be more afraid of immigrants who want to rape me or black men who want to kill me? Maybe gays who want to um...I don't know, marry me? Her strategy needs to become more coherent, if I'm supposed to be afraid of absolutely everybody I may be too busy hiding under my bed to be able to vote.

Ryan Adams said...

LOL Stunned. I love your comments, there's nothing like some good hyperbole! She really did just grab the shovel and dig deeper with this new ad; it disgusts me.

"Scotto" and the Margolises live in what I like to call a little state of denial - or is it delusion? Probably both. Either way, it seems like Kerry Healey has a one way ticket to join them.

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