Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Congratulations Deval Patrick!

I knew he'd do it all the way in April, when I asked my Mom to come with me to Fanueil Hall to see Deval Patrick speak.

"Deval Patrick who?"

"Just come. You'll love him, Mom."

She did. And he won. There will be a lot of things to be excited about tonight - and a lot of disappointments. However, we can be happy that Massachusetts did its job in this country (even if Connecticut was frakking clueless).

The victory was resounding (so far Deval's up about 10-1 in New Bedford). Beacon Hill has been sent a message. Deval Patrick will be our next Governor.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to New Hampshire, which, with a strong assist from Connecticut, shed its long standing title as Most Embarassing New England State.

Ryan Adams said...


Yes, Connecticut gladly took up that title.

Both of their winning congresspersons are progressives - and they won back their state house and senate. Kudos to them!

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