Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gay Marriage Amendment on NOW!!!

Turn on PBS 44 - follow for some live blogging and commenting (including by me). I'll blog my thoughts later.


StunnedVoter said...

I like this guy who's on now. The guy who said that he probably wouldn't have been coming here in 1860 saying "let the people vote." :)

We don't get to vote on civil rights.

Yes, Massachusetts has a Constitution that says no one should be forced into a system of injustice. I love this guy. :) End injustice!

StunnedVoter said...

Oh, to explain the voting thing, he's African American, so he's saying he wouldn't be asking for a vote to be taken on whether he's allowed to vote. Sorry for not being clear.

StunnedVoter said...


LOL I never said I was a gracious winner. :)

Not one damn vote! Yeah baby! We rock!

Ryan Adams said...

Byron Rushing's speech was a serious snooze fest, but the 1860 reference was the highlight.

Anonymous said...

The best part was when Marie Parente informed us that the election proved that politicians need to listen to the voters.

Marie? YOU LOST. Listen to the voters, the message they sent is that they don't want you acting on Constitutional issues on the very last day of your term after you've been sent packing.

Is that unclear? Lame ducks who've been told to get out of politics trying to exert power is very bad form indeed.

87 votes not to adjourn, is that 87 votes for Amendment 20 or what?

StunnedVoter said...

Bah, Byron Rushing's speech was great. :) We need more legislators who can make speeches like that, and anyway it served its purpose as a delaying tactic as well.

Ryan Adams said...

Delaying is certainly one word for it =)

Don't take my critiques too seriously, he just went on and on and on - which I guess could have been what he was supposed to do.

StunnedVoter said...

LOL The crazy lady was flipping out and desperately trying to get him to stop talking, if he hadn't taken up so much time, who knows what would have happened. They did recess before they could vote, so I think they threw it to him as a deliberate filibuster, knowing he could deliver. When he was done, he was off like a shot, maybe he got a signal or something.

I thought it was pretty interesting, and he even left out the part about how they wanted to know if the Constitution was written to prohibit slavery, so they went and asked John Adams. Good stuff. :)

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