Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Holy Crap SoS!

Massachusett's Secretary of State race:

With 35% of the vote reporting, Jill Stein (G) has 18% of the vote. Heck, she was a 1/10th of the person John Bonifaz was - can you hear us now, Bill Galvin?

Bonifaz [D] 2010: I'm looking forward to it.

PS: That doesn't mean I'm thrilled about the Green Party. More than 20,000 idiots people voted for an "Independent Green" candidate in Virginia - who wasn't even a real green, from what I've heard. That could very well cost Jim Webb the seat. Until the Green Party works for the greater good, I can't support them. They need to work with progressive Democrats, not against them. They need to make sure their own supporters actually know what the heck's going on. When that happens, my rhetoric will dull.

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