Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hub Politics: Good Riddance

Here's a little snippet from a recent Hubpolitics blog, emphasis mine:

Tonight I joked with my fellow Republicans that we should all just get up and leave this state and "just let the Democrats have it." More often than I expected, many were already in the process of move to nearest (or warmest) red state they could find; for others, tonight was the last straw. The students from Tufts University I raninto tonight, most of them shared my sorrows, but relished in the fact that they are not residents of this state--lucky them. I am not as lucky as those students only a handful of years younger than me. I still have a few years left in my graduate studies before I can join the Massachusetts Diaspora (or Exodus if you prefer), and gleefully turn back and laugh at all the suckers.
What a shameless, sore loser. If that's the way Aaron Margolis feels, why is he even writing about Massachusetts? Just give up like sore losers do.

I'm here for the count. Win, lose or tie - my home is Massachusetts. I believe in fighting for it. Not long ago, there was a strong tradition of a moderate Republican Party that could compete. Why not fight to bring that back? It wouldn't take an army; it wouldn't take millions of dollars. A few committed volunteers could win, for example, a state legislative seat in Beverly (home to the Margolis family). Republicans held the US 6th District before the incumbent Tierney took over.

But, no, Aaron Margolis says 1,224,725 people "are so dumb." Instead of - and this is quaint - questioning their own beliefs, the more than 1.2 million people who voted for Deval Patrick are "dumb." Real nice.

So no one should be surprised that instead of staying and fighting for the Republican Party, Aaron Margolis is just waiting to join the exodus and "gleefully turn back and laugh at all the suckers" still in Massachusetts. The truth is, Aaron Margolis has no interest in rebuilding the Republican Party in Massachusetts. It would take too much effort for a state he doesn't care about. He's going to join Mitt Romney and flee the state as soon as possible - the new administration can't come soon enough for Mitt, Aaron's graduation can't come soon enough to him.

Building the party would be too much for either of them. It would mean they'd have to field the old-fashioned yeomen types, people who are actually pro-choice and pro-marriage equality. It would mean it would have to be a Republican Party vastly different than the one they'd like: the crazies. So go and leave, Aaron Margolis, we don't want you anyway. I'm sorry us 1.2 million are just too stupid to realize how brilliant you are. It must be so sad being so lonely because of your 'wisdom.'


Joe said...

I am neither pro-choice nor pro-marriage equality (my stance is evolving into one of no government recognized marriages period). I'm a religious zealot. When I finally graduate, I'm sticking around, hopefully to usher in a new era of Republicans who are vehemently religious but not uncompromising lunatics with no logic. I think you may be suprised with the type of party the Republicans could change into and win. You can kiss Hub Politics goobye, but don't be so sure to do the same to religious conservatism. It's comin back, Ryan! I can feeeeel it!

tblade said...

Hey, Margolis, ever hear of transfer students?

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - 'dumb' is among the milder things that Mr. Margolis - and I - have been called. I think magnifying this single post is unfair; would you want BMG to be judged on some of the Billionaires for Bush or What to Do with Healey Signs threads?

That said - I was born here, I will die here, and I will fight you until then. En garde!

StunnedVoter said...

That's their meme. LOL In the Globe, some Republican was saying shame on Massachusetts, how dare you not use your vote as a form of affirmative action to represent me rather than yourself! and Peter Blute was saying don't you understand that people in Mississippi and Kansas think we're weirdos? LOL Um, yes we do. And we say, thank God! I even saw some gunnut somewhere talking about the "illegals" and how he's too scared to go to Boston anymore because he can't have a conceled weapon to "defend" himself.

I honestly think they're pouring out their hearts here, like they think we're going to rise up and say "Don't go! Don't leave us, Massholes! You're ours, nobody else can have you! We'll vote for as many crazies as you want to keep you happy if you'll just stay!" LOL Instead of, say, "Wow, you're leaving? Can I pay for a Uhall, help you pack up, buy you a cake to speed you on your way?"

To quote Dukakis, we've had a governor who checked out two years ago (that's generous Mike) and who runs around the country trashing the state. This is the best place in the country to live and we have the best people. And we'll be here if the rest of the country has to flee in terror from their state. Go us! Go us! :)

Ryan Adams said...

Joe and Peter - you have it right. Massachusetts is worth fighting for. We have different opinions on how to fix it, but that doesn't mean I'm not glad that there are people of differing opinions who care enough about Massachusetts to stay and emotionally invest in.

That said, Peter, I don't think I'm unfairly magnifying Hubpolitics. I could do this to *every* post they write nowadays - they're really losing it lately.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ryan, I'm not crying any tears about Margolis not wanting to rebuild the Republican party in Massachusetts, and if they have any sense, they won't be, either.

Our political system grossly overrepresents the South and the West, both Republican strongholds. So if there are places in the country where the Republicans are moribund, fine by me. There are many DINOs in the Massachusetts Democratic Party, many of whom would be Republicans if that were a viable option, anyway.

It's not like conservatism isn't represented here, and again, even if that were true I wouldn't care. I'd be just as happy to have a place to live where it's the Democrats vs. the Green Rainbow and I don't see anything wrong with that. Seeing all those Republicans warning against one party rule kind of took the irony prize.

As far as people leaving, well, it's childish to announce it like that, as if anybody cares. I'm not going to hold a vigil at the State Line complete with candle and Please Come Back Margolis sign. On the other hand, if someone can find a place to live where he feels comfortable, that's fine. I love it here and have never wanted to live anywhere else, but if Healey's racism had been effective it would have given me a twinge and I certainly can't blame anyone for making a different choice, even though there's no better place to live imo.

If people want to stay here because they like it here and are committed to the state, great. If they only want to come/stay here because they're trying to turn the state Republican and totally change our culture like that guy who ran for Congress, well, it's America. I don't have any moral obligation to help in the name of balance, though, because my vision is different.

I won't cry any tears if the Republican Party ceases to ever be a major influence in either the state or the country. There will always be at least two major parties regardless and as you know we have plenty of ideological divides ourselves. There are enough battles to fight without me getting concerned about them.

Anonymous said...


We've all watched you in action here, on BlueMassGroup, and on MassResistanceWatch. You're a condescending bore with an annoying tendency to argue with strawmen. Try actually talking to people rather then lecturing them and you might get treated better.

Why do you need to fight us, anyway? How are gay people a threat to you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, Ryan. That was hilarious.

This is the best part: "Today in Massachusetts, democracy killed democracy. The voters of Massachusetts rejected two-party government; they rejected debate in the arena of ideas; they rejected the positive, and believed the negative."

Democracy killed democracy. Yes, we rejected the idea that telling us black men are coming to rape us is an idea, forget a positive. Oh, no, when are they going to release the immigrant murderers? Can we tunnel out before the inauguration, or has the reign of terror already begun? Are they already in the State House, throwing bundles of our tax money around and laughing, or at UMASS plotting about how education will make them better killers?

You know, if I wanted to let an idiot who doesn't give a damn about my state influence my opinion, I'd have voted for Mitt Romney, but thanks for playing. Winning friends and influencing people the Healey way.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance is just amazing. The responses are almost as good as the original:

Andy and anyone else that doesn't think Democrats are dumb:

The laws of supply and demand
Free Enterprise
and various other economic terms are simply too complicated for the average voter to understand. That’s why Democrats need catchy slogans like "together we can".

Apparently, whatever he's on made our stupidity so clear he couldn't explain it in words.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I really relished the ubiquitous "Together We Stand" signs at the rally last night.

Republicans' total befuddlement when confronted with these three words has been one of the clear highlights of election season.

"You're a condescending bore with an annoying tendency to argue with strawmen"

You didn't think the "en garde!" was a brilliant rhetorical flourish? Keep up the fight, Peter, you're having an amazing impact and not wasting your valuable time at all.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that Aaron and his commenters don't understand is, well, basically anything about Mass politics.

Aaron doesn't know how many members of the State Legislature there are, doesn't understand that we have a strong governor system where the governor has a great deal of independent power, and his commenters are happy because OMG, Healey did okay on the Cape! That proves we aren't dead!

Gosh, Republicans doing well on the Cape? Who could have imagined anything so unexpected!

Anonymous said...

You didn't think the "en garde!" was a brilliant rhetorical flourish? Keep up the fight, Peter, you're having an amazing impact and not wasting your valuable time at all.

Oh come on, Peter even brags that he only provides Republican talking points. He's like that annoying co-worker who feels compelled to repeat every "bon mot" Rush utters.

Oh wait, you were being sarcastic.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Joe, it's great that you're a religious zealot.

But if you can't just go off and be a religious zealot and leave everybody else in peace, you're supposed to try and *convert* us heathens, not just impose your beliefs on us through the power of the state.

The gift without the giver is bare. Living in the Biblical Republican of Gilead won't save our souls from eternal hellfire if we don't truly believe. It's pointless. So you maybe quit worrying about Caesar and try to lead us to God voluntarily and not at the point of Caesar's sword.

Ryan Adams said...

Don't mistake me - I don't really care whether or not the Republican Party ever really does rebuild.

However, I do think that people are sort of hypocritical to write about politics in Massachusetts and pretend to care... then want to leave because their party lost. Either you care about Massachusetts or you don't.

It's important to have political competition - but we already have that here. There are plenty of DINOs and ideological splits regardless. I won't be afraid to say what would *help* the Republicans because a) they're not going to take my advice and b) I'm innately political, yet independent, and would give state my honest thoughts on any party - be they dems, reps, greens or any other party. My honest thoughts with the Republicans are that they aren't attracting the types of candidates that would try to rebuild their party here and it's caused their party to suffer. I've also critiqued greens for not advancing their interests in the right capacities and being politically smart all the time (and for using Republican money and volunteers). I've stated what I think helps Democrats win too (mainly, providing a clear choice and using particular messages). It's something I'll always do because I'm interested in politics regardless of the party involved, but don't mistake it for me wanting to see a Republican renaissance in Massachusetts - I probably don't. I wouldn't mind fair minded Republicans being elected (in fact, I'd prefer some of the old fashioned socially liberal types over the Tom Finnerans of the world), but I'd rather spend my time electing Deval Patricks and Doug Pedersons.

Ryan Adams said...

btw - sorry, the reply was to the 7:17 anon. Sorry for that being ambiguous. I forgot to refresh the page after leaving it for a few hours lol

There were some great (and hilarious) new comments though.

Anonymous said...

Cogratulations you have the reins of power in the state for sure, and more on a national level. I hope for the good of the country as a whole the root cause of dissention -abuse of power - can be eradicated. I'm hopeful but the ghosts(political) of Rostenkowski and Bulger still haunt the halls of power.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Massachusetts is my home, and if I felt I had to leave for any reason, I'd be very sad and hate like hell to go.

Aaron isn't a genius for sure, but you'd think that even he could figure out that his attitude alienates even some of his fellow delusional loons, the ones who actually like it here regardless of who's in charge.

Sure, leave your blog up for a few years, your
observations about Massachusetts have so much credibility.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Margolis brothers, like Peter Dorcupine and o-fish-l, represent the Ann Coulter end of the party. Doctrinaire and homophobic, they accuse anyone who doesn't share their views of treason.

I'm personal happy HubPolitics eixsts. I'm a Weld style small-l libertarian who also happens to be gay. The Margolis brothers convinced me the Mass. GOP is the last organization in the world I want to be associated with. They're focused on tax reduction rather than fiscal conservatism, on abortion and fag bashing rather than individual rights, .... AND they're arrogant about it.

The best thing the party could do is send Matt and Aaron a few bucks to move to Texas.

Joe said...

2:41 Anon:

That's what I mean! The religious right of today is a bunch of wackjob evangelicals who left the humility of Jesus years ago. While I agree with their core principles, I think that they have strayed from the path, strayed from the way of life that Jesus laid down for us a while ago.

I would like to convert all of you heathens, but a conversion lacking in faith won't redeem you. Savlation through faith by the grace of God alone. I want the religious right to be one that converts by trying ot be the living image of Jesus than this new age condescension.

I don't know if that makes sense to all you doods, but that's the vision I have.

Ryan Adams said...

It makes sense to me - and I don't mind it. There's nothing wrong with some good 'ol religious solicitation. In fact, I'm a big fan of people on soapboxes on the streets... lol. They make me giggle under my breath.

Joe said...

That's the spirit hahaha!

I've always been a fan of trying to convert Jehovah's witnesses who come to my house.

Ryan Adams said...

I almost spit out my milk just now.

Anonymous said...

Well Joe, just checked out your blog, and if you think stuff like "don't have sex, secularism is bad" is going to get everyone waiting in line to get on the God Train, well...

Just don't be too surprised if the other Crusaders always seem to "forget" the soapbox and the guy who ALWAYS seems to be the one who has to kneel down and let everyone else stand on him is, well...

StunnedVoter said...

I have to agree Joe, maybe accentuating the positive and letting us know all the great benefits we'd get from converting and positive reasons why we should would be a little more effective. :)

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