Monday, November 06, 2006

The Line Has Been Drawn

It seems like every election, there's something to regret. Even with a big win, there's probably some down-ticket candidate who's campaign blew up in flames - yet deserved to win. Maybe there's a candidate from a different state you respected and admired, yet lost a tough fight. It could be anything, but there's almost always going to be something to regret during an election.

Tomorrow, when people go to their polls, Ned Lamont is probably going to lose. He was a good candidate abandoned by the Democratic Party, in favor of the machine-establishment. The very fact that a possibly Democratically-controlled Senate could be poisoned by that disgrace-of-a-human-being for another six years sickens me, but it's a reality everyone must face. He lies through his teeth, but people bought it and few proud Democrats stood up and said the truth.

In light of the mass-defection by elected Democrats and the do-nuthin attitude of almost every other party leader, a new line has been drawn. The line has been drawn here: Those who actively supported Ned Lamont will have my future support. Those who didn't, won't.

Thankfully, John Kerry actually stood up for the Democratic Nominee when most others backed off. When Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer actively worked against Ned Lamont, John Kerry actually went and stumped for him. John Kerry will need to do more to win a second nomination for President, but he just cleared the first hurdle from this blog and hundreds more like it. It's not enough to have the right stance on the issues, an elected Democrat must be committed to obeying the will of the party's primary decision.


Cephme said...

Add Wes Clark to the "with Lamont" list. He endorsed Lamont and even appeared in one of his TV spots it can be seen here.
pretty biting.

Anonymous said...

The word is that Lieberman is making a list of every Democrat who supported the will of the voters over his Texas sized ego, and he's out to get them. He's already done everything he can to sabotage the Dem Congressional candidates because they had the gall to pledge to support the primary winner. Go figure!

Expect him to join Sean Hannity in calling them traitors.

I swear, I think he has filled his home with shrines to himself and spends hours praying in them. He probably carries around little icons with his picture on them.

His campaign has been jaw droppingly arrogant already and it's just going to get worse as his head swells so much he can't get through the Capitol door.

Ryan Adams said...

Texas sized ego? Surely you're being modest. I don't quite know if the confines of Alaska would satiate the ego of that sob.

StunnedVoter said...

What is UP with Connecticut?

I've heard nothing but glowing things about Weicker, how he was the last old school liberal Republican, had integrity, fought against his party, stood up for good causes like anti-apatheid, and they replace him with rape gurney Joe. Well played.

Ryan Adams said...

18 years was too long for Weicker, but not long enough for Joe Lieberman. Lucky for us Lieberman is a man of principal, so hypocrisy doesn't apply to him.

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