Monday, November 27, 2006

Memo to the Rest of the Country: Mitt Romney Doesn't Care About You

If any readers think Mitt Romney cares about anyone other than himself, you're sorely mistaken. Mitt Romney cares about the photo-op. He's the Mary Poppins of Politicians - except without any of the sweetness and any of the quick problem solving skills. However, he'd sure love to float on down with his umbrella and sing a good song, make a good dance and hopefully stir the appearance of a cleaner bedroom State House. It doesn't matter that it's dirtier than before, now a political weapon of a governor who has clear disdain for the state he governs; it just matters that he has a new job to buy win: POTUS.

He's as likely to give people a spoon-full of medicine as Mary, but it could just be arsenic if it helps his cause. Medicine is spared for the people with morals - you know, the people who love American flags, but hate gay people. In order to help Mitt's cause, he'll throw any other cause under the bus, even if he feigned support years (or days) prior. But it's not like he's never served one up to IHOP before, that pancake flopper!

So let's give an ode to Mitt Romney: Nearly perfect in almost every way. "Nearly" being not at all and "almost" being the sticky details and actual grinding work he ignores on a daily basis - those can be left to more capable hands... like Deval Patrick.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get why he wants to be President. He doesn't care about public policy--shouldn't that be a prerequisite?

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