Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our Job is Not Done

After a tremendous victory all across the board - from Beacon Hill to Montana - most people are ready to crash for a few days and then go on to their normal lives.


Today there's a very important Constitutional Convention. The rights of hundreds of thousands are at stake as the many try to clamp down on the rights of the few - as the Tyrrany of the Majority terrorizes gay people once again. One would like to think that a gay marriage ban would be defeated in a landslide in Massachusetts, but why risk it? With a Constitutional Amendment up for debate either today or tomorrow, there's a means to kill it with some finality: vote the sucker down.

That's a tough task to accomplish. To move on to the voters, only 25% of the state legislature needs to pass it (50 people). Then they'd have to do the same next year. It's tight, but a possible victory - and once it dies in an honest and fair way, it would be dead, dead, dead, dead. Finally, the issue at hand (marriage equality) would be up to speed and reality would set in for those who think they have the right to lord over others' rights. Shame on them.

What can people do to help? A very easy - and powerful - way is to call your congressman and senator. How powerful is it? Last Con Con, I called my Senator about the equality marriage ban and the Health Care Constitutional amendment. The aide basically said 'no comment' on health care - so I strongly urged my state senator to vote for it. While I doubt it was my call alone that made the senator do the right thing, it was probably one of several that helped make the difference. When the state legislature voted to effectively kill the proposition (by sending it to a 'committee' for further research - kinda like the Bridge to No Where, except even more metaphysical), my senator voted against that.

So Call NOW! The sooner you call, the more effective that call will be.

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