Friday, November 03, 2006

Send Bill Galvin Home

I'm a loyal Democrat. Until this election, I've never voted for someone who didn't have a [D] attached to their name. I've never voted for a Republican; I've never voted for an Independent. I wouldn't vote "Working Families," and I never, ever - in a million years - thought I'd vote for the Green-Rainbow Party. The evidence is right here in this blog: I've bashed the Green Party time after time after time. They've done one too many things to piss me off and I thought they deserved to die a slow, agonizing political death.

That was before I knew how awful Secretary of State Bill Galvin is for Massachusetts. The truth is, I'm not the only loyal Democrat noticing. Blue Mass Group, Mass Rev Now, Lynne at Left in Lowell and Marry in Massachusetts have all endorsed Jill Stein. So has the SouthCoast's largest newspaper, the Standard Daily Times, and other large newspapers like the Metro West Daily.

Simply put, Bill Galvin is not worthy of the office he has been so easily installed term after term after term. He's living on the fumes of the machine - one that is surely dying in Massachusetts, but wasn't quite ready to put in the real reformer, John Bonifaz, during the primary.

I voted for Jill Stein. I couldn't, in good conscience, just vote the party line when the party line means having four federal investigations into voting issues in Massachusetts. Bill Galvin must be held accountable for Massachusetts being a disgrace of Ohio and Florida proportions during his tenure. The one and only reason why people haven't realized that is because we haven't had a contested Presidential election in as long as I can remember.

However, while I think Stein is an able performer, I'm not asking anyone to vote for her. I merely ask that no one - not a single person - vote for Bill Galvin. Vote for Jill Stein; write in John Bonifaz. Heck, vote for Donald Duck for all I care. The time is now to send Bill Galvin a message: he is not fit to be Governor. Hopefully, Jill Stein will pull off some miracle. However, regardless, I'll be here four years from now again carrying John Bonifaz's banner if he chooses to run again. Yet, we can't wait another four years for reform - so don't vote for the guy who's content with decaying Democracy in Massachusetts. Don't vote for Bill Galvin.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Stein.

Just curious, did you see how Weld came to campaign for Healey, fresh off his failed run for NY gov, and said he likes Masschusetts, described it as nice, but he wouldn't move back here????

So sick of these absentee governors who don't care about the state and run away after they use up the power we give them.

And Aaron, before you whine about Deval being from Illinois, Kerry is from Chicago. I don't care where you come from, I care if you're going to stick around after you've made your mess.

Anonymous said...

Florida. Kerry's from Florida, my bad.

What other state elects these opportunists?

What other state has governors who aren't committed to living in the state even after they're out of power?

Ryan Adams said...

In all fairness, Kerry Healey isn't going anywhere politically than Massachusetts. lol.

Voting for Stein is a good decision. I honestly think she's going to get at least 10% of the vote. Enough people know that Galvin's a schmuk. It may be just enough to send him a message that he can't just coast another 4 years. He's a disgrace.

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