Tuesday, November 21, 2006

There's Now No Reason to Read the Herald

Their only good reporter, Kim Atkins, is getting out of Dodge. While I'm happy to see her move on to bigger and better things, sadly there's one less real journalist in Boston - something rare in any form of Bean Town print. With the election over, there's no reason to read the likes of Virginia Buckingham and Howie Carr (the schadenfruede's been had).

Well, who knows, I'm sure if I get curious about the latest K-Fed/Britney developments, the Herald will have a 10 inch headline to clue me in.


Joe said...

I'll save you the trouble:
K-Feds lawyer says there's no 4 hour long sex tape. I know, I'm dissapointed too.

Ryan Adams said...

Thank the lords of Kobol. That would have been frakking disgusting.

(2 BSG references in 2 sentences!)

Joe said...

I'm a Stargate man, myself. Hardcore.

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