Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dearest Scot Lehigh,

I noticed someone from the Boston Globe came to my site on two separate occasions yesterday, for the total of 5 page loads, searching "Scot Lehigh" and "Habeas Corpus." I'm just wondering, was it Scot Lehigh doing the searching?

Regardless, I was curious. Just what was Scot Lehigh, or at least someone working for the Globe, looking for? Clearly, the person wanted to know just what people thought of Scot Lehigh's position on habeas corpus - which lead me to think, "what is Scot Lehigh's position on Habeas Corpus?" If I have any complaints when it comes to Scot's columns, they can be described as thusly: they're too frequently statements of the obvious or too frequently focused on the little campaign details instead of the big picture. The result is the type of obfuscation typical in the "liberal" media and most of the veteran members of the National Democratic Party alike.

However, it was refreshing to see some real, positive words coming from Scot Lehigh on Habeas Corpus. Upon reading his Common Dreams column (which, apparently, was also in the Globe), I was impressed with how clear, poignant and powerful his words can be. It's a shame they're not like that on a more weekly basis.

Dearest Scot, we need more columns like this from you. Wonkish bits on just how many more charter school students we need (to the 9th degree) is not only not helping your cause, but also a big turn off for your audience. Powerful Habeas-Corpus like pieces will make an impact, especially now that President Bush isn't going to go completely unchecked. It's okay to show some spine - I mean courage - in your twice-a-week column space. In this day and age, that's exactly what the media needs to do.

So thanks - and let's see more of it!

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