Sunday, December 10, 2006

Howie Carr Thinks You're Stupid

Threatening the General Court [by keeping the field organization to lobby for issues] - how’d that work out for Mitt Romney? To enforce your will, Deval, you would have to be able to knock off a few of these bums, and that requires an electorate that’s bright enough to make rational decisions. Given that [the people] just elected you, how would you rate their ability to handle sharp objects safely, let alone vote their own enlightened self-interest?

Without explaining the subtle differences between "threatening" the legislature with a large army of people-power and threatening them via the force of Mitt Romney's angry voice to Howie, I'd like to point out that Howie just essentially called more than 50% of Massachusetts's voters stupid.

Why people who clearly disdain where they work and live continue to work and live there (when they have the funds to move and ability get good jobs elsewhere) is beyond me. It would be like if I decided to be a cook and make fish every day, when I absolutely detest 99% of things that come out of the sea. Howie Carr clearly dislikes most people in Massachusetts - yet continues to live with the "moonbats," who are starting to make up a plurality of the Bay State's population.

Howie Carr could be an entire class in Abnormal Psych - just what makes that guy tick could probably win a psychiatrist a big, moonbatty grant.


Joe said...

"Ryan Adams Thinks I'm a Homophobe"

bostonph said...


The proper term for people like Howie is "wingnut."

Here's an example of proper usage, from the brilliant World O'Crap blog:

Okay, let’s stop right there and address the popular wingnut misapprehension that the First Amendment not only gives you the right to express your views without government intervention, but that it also immunizes you from criticism. Sorry, wingnuts, it doesn’t work that way. Dennis has the right to say that Ellison should be required to use some other faith’s holy book in this ceremony, just as other people have the right to say that Prager is a bigoted, intolerant, divisive doofus. That’s how it works, kiddies. If you don’t like it, I guess your only recourse is to start your own country (Wingnuttia), with a slightly different Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

Joe: Is Ryan wrong?

Ryan Adams said...

No, Joe, I think you're just religious. You've been nothing but kind to me and I consider you somewhat of a friend, if an "online" one at that. Yes, you don't support marriage equality, but I have hope you'll change in the future as you come to realize that we're only talking about things in the civil sphere, which is completely different than religion.

Sometimes my headlines are for entertainment value only, but the fact does remain that Howie Carr's columns routinely call 50%+ of Massachusetts stupid.

StunnedVoter said...

Ah, yes. Mitt ran an impressive grass roots campaign and built a mighty, mighty field operation.

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