Monday, December 11, 2006

I Confess

In light of all the blogging scandals, I thought I should confess that the reason I love Deval Patrick so much is because I'm actually his illegitimate child. I actually think he's wrong on every issue, but a son's got to stick up for his paps, right? Deval Patrick's illegitimate children are exactly why this state has so few moonbats, yet elected Paps anyway.

I should also confess that I've been paid vast sums of monopoly money and probably some food stamps for the services rendered to him, even though I'm allegedly his son and sons should work for their parents for free as slave labor - just like bloggers. I just wanted to get that out of the way and fully divulge my relationship to Deval so no one beats me to it.


Anonymous said...

How about spending energy on something besides David Kravitz's "honor?"

His postings on gay marriage are far more offensive and misguided than a fact checking error on Beat the Press.

Ryan Adams said...

I've spent plenty of time criticizing David on his stance and actions. I'm not doing this because of David, I'm doing this because the media was so wrong - yet again.

This is an important symbol of what the media does to us on a regular basis, and was so obvious and hypocritical that it's something I had to post on. Plus, I loved that comment I linked to that suggest we create our own Jerome-Armstrong confessions LOL.

laurel said...

thank heavens you finally came clean. it was clear from your pic of dizzy deval in party hat that you were stealthily supporting him by potentially criticizing him. yes, we know how you sneaky counter-culture anti-anti-bloggers operate. lol

Joe said...

You're Deval's illegitamate white kid? What a coincidence! I'm John McCain's out-of-wedlock black child.

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