Sunday, December 10, 2006

More on New Bedford's "Rally."

There's a great New Bedford Standard-Daily Times article on yesterday's rally. For once, it seems that coverage of a rally was given fair play for both sides (as opposed to about 1,000 prowar supporters getting more coverage than about 100,000 anti-war supporters in DC a few years ago).

NEW BEDFORD — About 100 people rallying at City Hall in support of efforts to place on the ballot a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage yesterday were confronted by double their number in opponents.
Imagine that, the truth? Sadly, it's all too rare in newspapers today.

Some other interesting information from the article:

  • Bishop George Coleman thinks the nearly 10,000 gay marriages in this state are " a fiction created by the Supreme Court." Then again, he also thinks my my mother and father are still married, despite the fact that they were divorced more than 20 years ago, while my father's remarried with two more children...
  • Catholics like Coleman are alienating more and more people every day with their hateful views, such as "Dolores and Arthur Vasconcellos, married 51 years, parents of six and practicing Catholics," who just so happen to have a gay son. I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Vasconcellos would be much happier with the Church if it could stop focusing on destroying their son's happiness and actually spend the bulk of their PR efforts on core Catholic causes.
  • No one should go to the Shawmut Diner in New Bedford, or any other Phil Paleophobogoat businesses. He was the final speaker at Team Homophobia's "rally" and the rudest, loudest, most obnoxious of all. He doesn't deserve the business of any fair-minded individuals; try places like Cafe Arpeggio, Riccardi's or No Problemo for good food at good prices without all the homophobia (no one will have to suffer Phil's company at those places).
  • Rep. Stephen R. Canessa, William M. Strauss, Antonio F.D. Cabral and Sen. Mark C. W. Montigny need calls of thanks for supporting marriage equality. Thanking them will make sure they don't cave into any perceived pressure by Team Homophobia in the months and years to come.

Update: Click Here for some photos of the event taken by Sims.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, thanks for your coverage and the link to the pictures. I read the article this morning and had a good laugh. Beatrice Martin, the woman who headed the hate fest was accompanied by her husband Joe (which is in the article). Her husband was a teacher and apparently still couldn't spell his anti-gay sign right. These are the people they want to vote on our civil rights.

Ryan Adams said...

It was a teacher that mispelled his sign? lol

I can't really make fun, because I totally spelt Christmas "Chistmas" in a very quick rush to finish it in time for the rally (since I was locked out of my car for an hour, I didn't have nearly the time I would have liked).

Anonymous said...

It's worth reminding people what the anti-gay marriage movement is really about.

WCRB Promotes Sodomite Christmas Concert

Would a major radio station advertise a holiday concert by a "Sex Workers' Chorus"? Would a prominent conservatory allow its concert hall to be used for an "Abortionists' Orchestra" winter solstice celebration? Does the Boston Symphony mark with asterisks the members of their orchestra according to whether they're heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or trans?

So why does a musical performing group identified by its members' abnormal sexual practices get a pass, and worse, positive publicity? "Come join us for the happiest sodomite Christmas celebration ever!"

Boston's WCRB is advertising the upcoming concerts at Jordan Hall by the "Boston Gay Men's Chorus". Calling their event "Home for the Holidays," it includes the family-friendly "Charlie Brown's Christmas." (How will they twist that, we wonder?) How can anyone hear the ad, or sit in the audience, without thinking about what makes the performers different -- their sexual proclivities? Who wants to be reminded of that when you're thinking about the true meaning of Christmas, or just enjoying what should be politics-free, sex-free Christmas music?

We are sick of such groups constantly pushing their sexuality and sexual politics in our faces wherever we turn. WCRB ("Boston's Classical music station") supposedly celebrates the highest achievements of Western culture. We tune in to it for a reminder of what's great about our culture, and for a respite from the craziness of the social-political scene. How sad that they've jumped on this bandwagon.

posted by AMann @ 5:43 PM

Ryan Adams said...

Why do I have a hard time that they really listen to that radio station anyway? And why can't people realize that just because someone says they're gay or is openly gay, that doesn't mean they're talking about sex. When the Boston Gay Men's Chorus features Charlie Brown Music set to a live orgy, then they may just have something... LOL

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