Saturday, December 23, 2006

Myspace Privacy - Oxymoron?

Some teenagers are stupid and post all sorts of incriminating pictures of themselves online, but should their stupidity be allowed to be used against them? Many schools across Massachusetts are saying yes.
High schools across Massachusetts are threatening to punish athletes if they are spotted drinking alcohol or using drugs in photos or videos posted on MySpace , YouTube , or other online sites.

What a lousy idea. First, if someone has a picture of a beer can online, does that mean they drank it? What about photoshop? What about friends who post pictures of their friends - without consent?

Plus, the concept of a Principal devouring the nets to stalk find all the "trouble children" and browse for evidence against them - without there being a crime committed yet - scares me. The fact is that there are vindictive asses in the classrooms of schools across the state andnot all of them are students.

School is school and Myspace is Myspace. The two should be as seperate as Church and State.


laurel said...

if the school faculty are concerned about what a student posts, they shouldn;t punish the kid, they should have a conversation with the kid & maybe the parents. punishment means you disapprove. conversation means you care. kids know the difference and respond accordingly (sometimes at least). however, i'm not for trolling the web looking to catch some kid "offending". that just creeps me out.

Ryan Adams said...

Me too! Creepy was the word I was looking for last night, but was too tired in between packing presents, finishing a paper and baking a pecan pie to think of.

laurel said...

pecan piiiieeee. mmmmmm!

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