Friday, December 15, 2006

Score One for Deval

Travs is backpedalling faster than a clown with some egg on his face. If only he were wearing some white face paint and a goofy, red nose - because this whole ordeal has been very comical. Oh, wait, allow me...

Senator Travaglini was so off base, attacks almost instantly came in with fiendish glee. Subconsciously, I think most progressives in this state were waiting for this trav-incident. When the old clashes with the new, and the old loses big, it's tough not to exact some fun. Travs, at this point, is so far out of his league when attacking Deval Patrick that it's like a moth to a flame. He wants the power, chases after the power and just got burnt. To a crisp.

I misspoke yesterday and I want to acknowledge that publicly to you...'' Travaglini told reporters this afternoon. "The position of the senate continues to be standing ready to partner with the new administration in its efforts to demonstrate that we can conduct the people's business in their absence in a positive way and that's the reason for the visit here this afternoon.

Whoops. If only someone had a Youtube.


Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is Trav's outrage over having his trust breached. We call 'em public meetings, Bobby, not crony tete a tetes.

Anonymous said...

It just shows where the power and perception of power has been all these years, not the governorship. The senators and representatives are afraid of accountability and the excuse that the govenor isn't cooperating with them because they're from a different party has evaporated now. I'm a Libertarian that's beginning to like the tone of Deval's leadership.

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