Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What do YOU think about Civic Engagement?

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Deval Patrick's Civic Engagement meeting at UMASS Dartmouth. I have my own ideas (which I'm too tired to link), but I'd like to have a little input from my readers. Are there any ideas readers have about how to make little-d Democracy become the force to be reckoned with on Beacon Hill for the next four years? I'll be making my voice heard tomorrow - and my voice will be all the stronger given advice and ideas from my readers.


Lynne said...

The meeting last night was impressive in scope and participation. I recommend reading the whole thread with Susan's liveblog on BMG, so you can see what hasn't yet been talked about or what needs greater depth. She obviously didn't every minutia of what was said but you can get a good sense.

I would also say that you should definitely come prepared, either by having notes you can refer to with bullet points or an actual written speech. Be concise and concrete too. Our meeting was 2 hours long because there was so much meat to what people said (and people didn't tend to run on too long either) so make sure you can get what you want to say said in a decently short amount of time so everyone gets a chance.

Just my sense of how things worked best last night!

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks, Lynne. I probably wouldn't have come with too much prepared otherwise - and I definitely have a lot to speak about. I'll check out Susan's thread, too.

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