Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finneran's Dream Job

WRKO did the right thing in November when it fired its morning radio show host, Mike DePetro. However, it wasn't exactly a lesson learned. WRKO has made a remarkable new addition to its planned line-up: the (thankfully) former Speaker of the House, Tom Finneran. The hire is so curious, it begs the question: why have homophobes on the air, when you could have convicted felons? I don't know which one's worse - the corrupt, lecherous politicos or Team Homophobia. Then again, it's not exactly mutually exclusive. After all, Tom Finneran's a talented man. I'm sure he has room for both, especially now that he'll be speaking into a microphone (and paid handsomely for it).

While this isn't news to most readers - there have been rumors about this for months - I just want to take the time to applaud our former state dictator Speaker. He has his new dream job: a job where he can be paid to be himself, an asshole. He doesn't have to worry about tearing down minorities via some old-fashioned, illegal gerrymandering - now he can spew his hate right out in the open. Whee!

Look for the wannabe Democrat to fit right in at his new home, Conservative Talk WRKO. I'm sure he'll have a lot of important things to say, except almost none of it will be either enlightening or relevant. It's quite sad when the politically dead find new ways to linger. Tom Finneran with airwaves reaching hundreds of thousands could just the next Resident Evil sequel. WRKO can only hope so, because that's sure to be a box office smash.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his first guest can be Billy Bulger.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like all Ryan has on his mind is "assholes". Did you get dumped last night Princess?

I'm sorry about the name calling. It's just that you set the tone and the readers follow.

Ryan Adams said...

Your point, anon, would have merit if not for the fact that my last 4 posts were about Deval Patrick, Nancy Pelosi, Global Warming and Ted Kennedy. I briefly attacked Joe Biden, but that was to make an important contrast. Occasionally, I'll make a post describing an "asshole" and why they are one, but no one ruled this state with a tighter fist than Finneran and I'm sure he's okay with the asshole label. I bet he wears it with pride.

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - did you ever hear Finneran when he sat in for David Brudnoy when he was sick? He was actually an excellent and articulate host.

Of course, I like G. Gordon Liddy, too (and I cannot ABIDE Limbaugh!).

BTW - Finneran knew that Brudnoy was dying of AIDS, was a gay man, and remained good friends with him. I wouldn't assume too much about how he feels about that issue.

Anonymous said...

This is what diversity looks like. Sleazy, corrupt, reactionary conservative Republican criminals balanced by sleazy, corrupt, reactionary conservative Democratic criminals. Give it up for the public airwaves.

Ryan, the homophobes may want to make you a second class citizen and use your rights as a political football, but they'd still totally invite you to their cookouts, isn't that what really matters? Of course, a guy who was busted for trying to strip minorities of voting rights probably had more in common with Brudnoy and his racial bs than with you, but the door's still open for you.

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