Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Decision, Senator Kerry

So, Senator Kerry will not run for President again. Apparently, he doesn't think he'd have a great shot - which is probably true. However, it was a good decision - for other reasons. The Senate is in a precarious position and many of the Democrats are traditional obfuscating moderates. Senator Kerry has been one of those for the past few years, but that wasn't always the case. Running for President caused him to be a different man than he was in the past.

This country needs a real, courageous, liberal presence in the US Senate - someone to keep picking up Senator Kennedy's mantle. John Kerry could be that person. Senator Kerry is in a great position to advocate for all kinds of important causes - few in the Senate have his fundraising potential, which allows him to help fund candidates we need to win crucial House and Senate seats. Kerry also has great name recognition, making him poised to lead on important issues that come up.

As of late, Kerry has shown some of his real potential as a US Senator. He's clearly no longer afraid to take on the Rove's of this world - and that's something most other Democratic Senators would do well to learn. Hopefully, in the Senate, Kerry can help disperse those real-life lessons he's learned to other promising candidates for all kinds of positions in the future.

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