Thursday, January 18, 2007

Please, Do It! Anything to get rid of Trav!

Let's hope the rumors are true and he wants this job.
The political intrigue began brewing last week following the Massachusetts Hospital Association's decision to fire its $500,000-a-year president and the forced resignation of the legally wounded former House speaker, Thomas M. Finneran, as the highly compensated president of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

Much of the focus is on Travaglini, who was sworn in Jan. 3 to his third two-year term as the Senate leader. Both jobs involve highly complex industries and require the political skills to work the hallways of Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill to promote and protect the interests of their members.

I say it's worth the potential insider deal or two over the next few years to get rid of that good-for-nothing, wannabe-Tom-Finneran, undependable, backstabbing terrible "leader." It's time for the Senate to get a little air. Only new leadership can do that.


Peter Porcupine said...

So - do you think he'll call for a vote on gay marriage at the April ConCon, on his way out the door?

Walter Malkovitch said...

So - do asking hurtful questions come to you naturally, Peter Porcupine, or do you have to work at it?

Anonymous said...

Great post Ryan; we do need leadership that is unafraid of calling bigotry by its earned name.

Walter, if you go to and look at what PP's comments consist of, an answer to your question seems clear.

Marcie said...

How strange that a woman who is against equal marriage and anything even remotely LGBT takes on the personna of a man.

Anonymous said...

You get rid of him, another democratic political hack will take his place.

Anonymous said...


My condolences on your Peter Porcupine infestation. It could be worse: Talking Politics has both her and Don Saklad.

They're both almost completely parasitic, depending on the hapless readers of other people's blogs for an audience. Both take themselves extremely seriously. Both post obsessively. Both are hateful. The main difference is Peter is a Republican official as well as a net kook.

Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for Don. It could just as easily describe Peter.

Don Saklad, who also uses the name Don Warner Saklad, resides in Cambridge Massachusetts. A Google search of "Don Saklad" (with quotation marks) pulls up over 10,000 hits, which is intriguing, given that he is not known or believed to be a published author or any type of notable figure in any field. Don Saklad appears to have achieved this level of internet notoriety solely through the unique posts he leaves on an extraordinary number of blogs, forums, and just about any websites that allow users to leave comments.

Anonymous said...

What a class act to show your face at the GBLT blogs, PP. Whassamatta, couldn't find the home addresses of gays and lesbians to go harass them and gloat in person? There are kids who aren't cryin', don't waste your time bloggin'.

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan is a grown person who can anwwer his own questions. He writes a political blog, and I asked a political question - Ryan, do you think Trav's possible departure will hurry up the schedule of the next ConCon? One is already called for April, but it is not known if matters will be considered for a vote or not.

Anonymous bullies will have their baying disregarded, by and large.

Joe said...

Yeah, some of you guys on the far left are the exact same thing as people on the far right: you want your beliefs forced down peoples throats whether they like it or agree with it, and you don't want any dissenting opinion. Heck, the far right and far left might as well be twins.

I'm just glad that Ryan has a thick enough skin and an open enough mind to be open to a dissenting opinion without gratuitously bashing a person who walks a different road in life.

Plus, it's a valid question. People who are ending a job to move on to another usually have those few things they want to get done and will move mountains to do before they leave...will this be such an issue for Trav?

bostonph said...


The objection to PP (at least from me) is to her sanctimonious and disingenuous snarking, not her dissenting opinions.

PP almost always seems to be out to spin, snark, or derail, rather than discuss. I've rarely seen her advance a conversation.

I've seen you do that and even Gary over on BMG.

She demands a degree of civility for herself which she rarely extends to others. I'm personally sick of it.

Anonymous said...

I've been amused reading the rants of Peter Pumpernickel over at the BlueMassGroup web site. It is clear that she, like most of her Republikaner friends, are nothing more than welfare queen wannabes. That was illustrated most recently her rant about town control over cable television.

Of course Republikaner welfare-queen-wannabes don't see their rants as being welfare-queenish, but they really are.


Ryan Adams said...

To answer the question asked, I do think this could very easily come up in April. I just hope we have the numbers to defeat it.

However, even rumors of him leaving will make him less powerful. To the 12pm Anon - that doesn't necessarily mean someone just as hackish will take his place. For an example of what I mean, look at DaMisi at the House. He's no where near perfect, but 100x better than the man he replaced... heck, he's even solidly liberal, if not even a little progressive.

bostonph said...


I think you're absolutely correct.

We'll also be voting with a new, more gay friendly, legislature. For example PP's former boss, the staunchly anti-gay marriage Shirley Gomes, has been replaced with the openly gay Sarah Peake.

We also won't have Mitt out there twisting arms in a desperate attempt at political credibility.

So yes, getting rid of Trav will almost certainly be a change for a better.

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