Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As Much as Tom Finneran is a Poopy Pants...

Doesn't this read more like an opinion hit piece than front-page material? Geez, Globe, maybe you just need an Anna Nicole headline or something? Not only does scary Tom Finneran suck, which is something almost all of us could agree to (seriously, was anyone a fan of him?), but now he was playing nice to his fellow democrat on his first day on air! Wow! What a schmuck!

I guess the Globe expected Tom to call Deval a Laguer-loving, fat lesbian or something? How shocking Deval was invited to golf instead! Who would have ever expected a former speaker of the house to want to golf with the current Governor? I mean, really?
Update: In case anyone didn't detect my sarcasm, the first sentence of my second paragraph is mocking the typical WRKO host's crazy rants. Especially with recent developments at our state crime lab, LaGuer's recent appeals shouldn't be taken lightly. If our DNA evidence is suspect, that speaks very poorly on our entire criminal justice system.

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