Friday, February 09, 2007

Cockroaches Can Apparently Survive Anything

Look who just got a new job (my sympathies to the normal and sane people in Providence).

According to Towleroad,
Former Boston radio host John DePetro, who has a habit of denigrating gays and lesbians, is back on the air, on a Providence, Rhode Island morning show.

There are two amazing things about this:

1. That he's actually being put back on air, even after all those fiascoes. Apparently, the radio station in Providence openly doesn't care about homophobia on their airwaves. At least WRKO pretended to care (and ultimately cared enough to fire one radio jackasockey, even if Howie's rants go unabated).

2. Such an average radio talk show host would be rehired (let's all be honest here, even for bat-crazy wingnuts, DePetro wasn't anything special).

Well, in the spirit of good will, good luck to DePetro - he's going to need it. His mouth has a way of... saying things, things that get him in trouble (which is saying a lot, considering the station he worked on). In my heart of hearts, I just know DePetro will be unemployed soon enough, so until then let's hope the signal goes haywire in the land Providence, Rhode Island.

Oh, and John, you better watch out for the Army of Lesbians in Baghdad - they're about to win the war on terrorism.


joe said...

I've heard him a few times. He's no Rush Limbaugh, that's for darned sure.

When I was in 4th grade, we had a class pet...I think this is what you were thinking of

Ryan Adams said...

eww those things are so gross. lol

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