Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crime Doesn't Pay

From an email forwarded to me:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Catholic Citizenship, Philip D. Moran, announced that the Board has accepted the resignation of Larry Cirignano, Esq. as Executive Director of Catholic Citizenship.

Mr. Moran stated, "the Board wishes to thank Larry for his tireless efforts advancing the mission of Catholic Citizenship over the past years. Further, we want to congratulate him for his invaluable work towards realizing a successful vote by the Massachusetts Legislature on January 2nd with respect to the constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage."
No one likes a bully - even, apparently, a bully's friends.

Thanks, Brian, for the info.

UPDATE: Apparently, I was wrong. Word has it, he's getting a promotion! Yikes...


joe said...

I hear he resigned to take a larger role in a national organization down in D.C. Whether that happens though, has yet to be seen.

J said...

Bay Windows is reporting it as a promotion.

Ryan Adams said...

if that's true... wow.

i guess isiah washington should have been promoted too, instead of going to a little therapy...

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