Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Deval's Education Plan aka Deval's the Greatest

At least that's according to the Boston Globe.
After years of painful local aid cuts, Patrick pledged he would stand up for cities and towns.... In a small line item, Patrick has accomplished multiple goals. We love Deval. He's the greatest.
Okay, so maybe I added in those last two sentences, but the Globe was very high on Deval Patrick's educational plan. They seemed to think it was bold, innovative, fiscally prudent and was actually meant to do the right think - not suck up to towns.

Here's how Deval is doing it:
Patrick is using the education budget not so much to make friends as to influence the pace of education reform in Massachusetts. It's the right approach. In many places, there is little hope of closing the achievement gap between rich and poor during the traditional 6.5-hour school day. Ten schools with about 4,700 students are now attacking the achievement gap under a $6.5 million pilot program from last year's budget. Another 4,000 students stand a chance to join them if the Legislature backs Patrick's proposal to double the effort.

They're going to benefit from approximately 25% longer school days, mainly to help students with their core subjects. I'd like to see some money thrown in there for enrichment programs and athletics, but there isn't a big "S" written on the front of Deval Patrick's chest. Baby steps, Ryan, baby steps.

So, now that Deval Patrick is actually throwing the Globe a bone releasing more info, we're not hearing about his drapes, cars, secretaries and furniture. Who'd have thought? The good thing about Deval Patrick is he seems to be a quick study, so let's hope all that nonsense from a week or so ago won't hurt any of the Governor's bold plans. Innovation isn't easy - and it becomes much harder when the media isn't reporting the facts. Transparency, good ideas and good communication will equate to more of these positively beaming editorials in the future.

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