Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey Globe: Facts First, Please

Businesses "blast" Patrick's tax plan. With the way things are going lately, I'm sure the Globe was only more than happy to avoid little things called poignant facts at the top of their story. Here's the first paragraph:

Governor Deval L. Patrick is looking to companies to cough up nearly $800 million more in tax payments over the next two years, through what he calls "closing loopholes." But businesses call the seven proposed changes job-killing tax increases.
If you wanted to know the answer, you won't get it from the Boston Globe. The Globe could have analyzed relevant information, but didn't. For example, are Massachusetts corporate taxes high? If they're not high, they're not going to be "job-killing tax increases." Furthermore, you won't find out what are other states are doing - because the Globe ignored that question too.

The funny thing is it's not as if this information isn't available. Just the other day I received an email/press release from the nonpartisan Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MBPC) discussing the topic, informing citizens about the facts. I'm sure the Boston Globe received the same email. What did the report have to say? According to the MBPC, Massachusetts has paltry corporate taxation. In fact, we have one of the 8 lowest in the country. Closing a few of Patrick's loopholes isn't going to kill jobs.

Did the Globe find anyone to support the Governor? One small blurb at the very, very end - where no one would read it. No mention of the MBPC study, no Harvard professors discussing tax policy... nothing. It's just like a CNN "debate" with two people bashing heads, sparring the audience of any relevant facts, but without that second bashing head and in print. Thanks for the fair and balanced coverage, Globe, I'm sure Fox News would be proud.

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