Thursday, March 08, 2007

Boston Globe: Laziest Piece Yet.

Hey Lisa Wangsness, feel free to actually do a little original reporting next time, okay? I know, it's so easy to go peruse the internet looking for the perfect quotes, but don't you think actually calling up Charley or David at BMG would have been at least somewhat feasible? People keep telling me how the Boston Globe's really number crunched, but I don't think a simple phone call is all that hard.

How about asking what some other bloggers feel about this whole recent fiasco? I can say this once, very simply, Blue Mass Group isn't the only liberal blog out there in Massachusetts. In fact, lately, I dare say the bulk of its readers isn't necessarily any more liberal than the rest of the state. How about talking to some others, who have a different and fresh take? David and Charley are both extremely intelligent, but couldn't using two sources from the same place for a story be a teensy bit - oh, I don't know - wrong? (And you couldn't even interview them, to boot? Geez, that's the kind of stuff I felt guilty about when I wrote articles for my college newspaper.)

Let's also do without the unrelated, nonsensical mugshots pictures. I'll clue you in, it has *nothing* to do any of this bruhaha and tells readers he's guilty before even reading the article.

Update: I regret using the word "lazy." Lisa Wangsness wasn't lazy, there was just room for improvement in her article. Next time she writes about the blogosphere, I hope she considers looking beyond just David, Charley and Blue Mass Group. Sure, it's the largest blog in Massachusetts by far, but it's not the only voice out there. When the article is about how the blogosphere was supposedly turning on Deval, that's an important distinction.

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Lynne said...

Truth to tell, I've been so freaking busy and stressed I don't even know all the details of the issue at hand - and am getting a little tired of all the bruhaha over small things, even if this particular criticism is more warrented than the last 5 (drapes, cars, and helicopters).

However, after reading the TONE of that article, which implied some sort of split - sorry, it's gonna take more than fake drapegate and a stupid mistake of a phone call for me to hate Patrick.

For one thing, all the stuff he's doing right is AWESOME.

I hate the media. I really do. Today was not a good day to get on my bad side, Lisa...

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