Sunday, March 11, 2007

Deval's Salary

Apparently, the Caddy would have been a bargain, but Deval Patrick paid for about half of it anyway. I'm just waiting for all those on the war path over our "tax-and-spend" Governor, who just so happens to make less than almost 60% of Logan Airport's cops, to admit that - just maybe - they went batshit crazy when they foamed over the mouth over drapes, cars and other such nonsense. Somehow, my gut instinct tells me most of those people won't even read that story. After all, Howie Carr isn't exactly going to highlight it for them.


Anonymous said...

The inflated trooper salaries are due to their per diems, which the Governor has said he was not opposed to, and the road details, which the Governor erroneoulsy claims falls onto private industry.

Saying - Hey! Lookt at THAT guy! He's an even BIGGER thief! doesn't make the Cadillac a bargain.

carpathian said...

I actually think it's kind of touching how sure the media is that we're a bunch of weak minded imbeciles who are easily distracted by shiny objects. Sorry guys, but since your girl lost and we were able to overcome our fear of black men and immigrants, that proposition was pretty much put to rest. I gove them extra props for, "A governor? Taking time off? Why--that's--unprescedented."

I actually know a guy who was being considered for a prime position that he'd be great at, but he simply couldn't take a leave of absense to take it because it would have involved such a huge pay cut.

Anon, I'm firmly convinced that that's why Patrick ran, because he wanted a Caddy. And couldn't get it any other way. Sure, some people might think that you'd have to be foolish to think the Governor cares so much about the issue chooses his own car, but don't listen to them. I've also heard stories about dust bunnies under the desk (or maybe it was hiring JANITORS to get rid of dust bunnies), and I'm not going to be happy until he's walking, always on roads that aren't paid for by the state, private roads--and no, roller skates don't count, you crazy? At an antique shop those cost $3 a pair! Whoops, shiny object, very distracting, gotta go!

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