Thursday, March 22, 2007

DiMasi Likes Big Business More Than You

Lynne has all the details, but suffice it say the Speaker of the House just picked a fight with the entire Progressive Movement. Who's going to win?

Here's how readers can help. Click on that link and do everything possible. Make sure Sal knows that citizens of this Commonwealth care more about the people who live in this state than milking Fidelity's profits. We care more about our roads and welfare than companies like Staples - companies that will leave on a whim anyway. We care more about public education than Harvard Pilgrim's massive success. Tell our congressmen that corporations in Massachusetts already enjoy some of the lowest taxes in the country - we just want them to pay their fair share, especially since Massachusetts citizens across the state face school closings and millions of dollars in deficits.

No one is asking corporations to pay recklessly high taxes here - just their fair share. Everyone else pays their fair share, it's time the largest corporations in Massachusetts do too.


Anonymous said...

One way to move the needle is to work through talking points and arguments people can use in phone conversations and LTEs.

I know there are statistics out there about the cost per taxpayer of, say, the telephone poll loophole. It might also be useful to emphasize the disadvantage to small Mass. businesses of giving tax breaks to their larger competitors.

When you want people to act, you need to feed them information in bite-sized bits.

Peter Porcupine said...

Anon 12:16 - you DO know that we are talking about the POLES, right? Although a tax on POLLS might raise some serious bucks in election years....:~)

Anonymous said...

I thought we were talking about a tax on skunks.

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