Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Globe Should Read the AP

They missed some key information. They paint a he-said-she-said story, but the facts are clear to some reporters...

Federal immigration agents notified state officials months in advance of its plans for a massive illegal immigration raid in New Bedford. But they prohibited them from alerting the Department of Social Services -- the agency charged with caring for the workers' children -- until just days before. Kurt Schwartz with the state's Executive Office of Public Safety says D-S-S Commissioner Harry Spence wasn't told until four days before the raid.

At that time, Schwartz couldn't tell Spence the exact location, only that it would be in southeast Massachusetts.

And Spence was banned from telling any employees until after the raid began.

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steverino said...

Forget the AP. The Globe should read its own timeline published next to the article.

As far as I can make out, the Globe's broadside actually hinges on one minor point--whether ICE previously promised DSS access to the factory. Here, Patrick may have misspoken; it appears the agency did not.

However, no one, not even ICE, disputes that the Feds reneged on their promise to offer access at Ft Devens. So the substance of Patrick's criticism is beyond argument.

So, the story's lede is the three words--"at the site"--that Patrick spoke, and not the ICE's proven incompetence and broken promises to the state?


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