Friday, March 09, 2007

He (da) Man

The purpose of this blog is to point out that, despite a few gaffes, Deval is still "has the power" the most powerful Governor in the country.

He's been a strong advocate for the families torn apart in New Bedford.

He's found a way to balance the budget despite a 1 billion dollar deficit.

He's brokered a pretty good deal on the new state health care program.

He's changing the very dynamics of state government, especially in town-state relationships.

He's more than kept his promise on property taxes (something even I thought he'd have trouble doing).

Charley is right. Deval Patrick hasn't lost a single drop of real political capital.

People say he got "political capital" from the election, but the fact is that he can get political capital any time he opens his mouth.

With the Masters of Progress behind him (his people powered army), we can get his bold initiatives passed. The foes of progress, like Senate President Travaglini, cannot stop us... that's why we scare the bejeezes out of him all of them. It's time to reassert ourselves and inform the Beacon Hill insiders that - yes - voters did demand change last November and it's well past time the Golden Dome get with the progressive program.


high horse said...

You're right, Ryan. The voters did demand change, and instead they got the shaft from a thin-skinned prima dona. Contrary to your rose-colored glasses he is not the most powerful governor in the country. And he certainly has introduced progress to state government but rather the same-old, same-old. Eliot Spitzer has brought change in leadership. We got a sniveler. Call me a cynic. Until the gov decides to lead instead of blunder, I will remain as such. You can continue to apologize for him, but I want the change I thought I was getting.

Ryan Adams said...

I listed about 5 policies that are far from the "same old, same old." The fact that you can't admit that exposes all your prejudice.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you ignore the governor cannot see the conflict of interest in his "bad call" exposes you as a sycophant. Furthermore, the governor knew beforehand that the illegals in NB would be raided. Why didn't he ask what would happen to these families before the feds ripped the families apart? Secondly, your opinion of policies that make him one of "the strongest governors in the country" do not rate as highly on everyone else's priority list. Rah, rah, Ryan. Keep on cheering!

Ryan Adams said...

Who said I ignored it? He apologized, I accepted and now I'm moving on. That's what this post was about.

carpathian said...

Lord, you guys are morons. The Governor has more power here than almost anywhere else, hence one of teh strongest governors in the country. Do you need flash cards?

Ryan, keep this up and you have no future in journalism. What go with substnace when you can ferret out some stupid non story that will appeal to the 3% of the population who are morons?

Ryan Adams said...

I'm not sure what exactly you're criticizing me about. Are you angry that I'm blogging about these non-stories to begin with? Are you angry that I accepted Deval's apology? This blog was entirely about how Deval Patrick is exceptionally powerful and poised to do a lot of good, so I'm confused that you'd make that critique and lob it at me.

That said, I'm not persuing a career in journalism. I'm a blogger. I have an interest in journalism, but only insofar as a critique and occasional citizen-journalist.

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